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(Note: Now edited with additional photos!) This is what I did last night instead of doing a review post! I made a cake for Jake’s daughter’s birthday. It will end up being a My Little Pony cake once we get the ponies but for now it just looks like a rainbow cake. Last year I did a surprise rainbow on the inside of her Skylander’s cake and so I sort of did the opposite of last year. Her favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, hence the rainbow themes. The inside of this cake is bluish-green since I forgot to buy white cake mix. Duh. It was supposed to just be pure blue was it would be like a sky on the inside. Oh well, the thought was there.


I found a bag of mini M&M’s at Wal-Mart and I thought they’d be perfect for this project! While I had the crumb coat setting, I got to work on separating out the M&M’s. The obsessive compulsive bit inside of me was excited about this, but the lazy part of me was like, “Why did you think this was a good idea again?”


After putting on another coat of frosting, I set to work on adding on the M&M’s. I made sure no M sides were showing.




Starting to look like a rainbow.


My favorite color!


Hello, blue. You can see I have a bit of a gap up there at the top. I wasn’t planning on using the brown…


But then I did use it just so I would have another layer. And then I colored some frosting purple to complete the top. Okay, so it’s not a true rainbow but so what. I think it still looks neat!


I added these pretty pink candy coated pearls (found at Wal-Mart for $1) around the edge as another border. That rice krispy treat will be a pedestal for the Rainbow Dash pony we have and then we’re going to buy a couple more ponies to put on top. So just imagine the ponies are there, okay? I’ll update this post later with additional photos of the complete cake and the inside!

Phew, another cake done. This took a surprising amount of time but at least it was pretty easy to do!

Happy Friday! Hope you’ve got some fun plans this weekend!

Edited! I now have photos of the inside of the cake plus the birthday girl looking as happy as a teenager could (ie: no smiling).



Blowing out the candles!


View with the Rainbow Dash pony on her little pedestal.


We went to Mandarin Chinese for dinner where they gave us this big ass knife for slicing the cake. I felt like I could travel through the jungle with this thing.


The inside of the cake! It’s not as blue as I wanted it to be since I forgot the cake mix was YELLOW (yes, I used a cake mix, sue me) so it’s sort green-ish. But who cares.


One pretty slice! There are pecans in the middle if you’re wondering what that brown stuff is.

The end!

8 thoughts on “rainbow cake

  1. Now THAT”S a lot of m&m’s! How many bags did you buy?

    What a awesome cake – can’t wait to see what it looks like with the ponies on top! Very very cool indeed! 🙂

    1. Hi CC – Surprisingly I only bought one bag. I think if I had used the regular sized M&M’s I wouldn’t have had leftover space. I didn’t even use the whole bag – I had almost half a bag leftover! Thanks for your nice comments! And also thanks for your thank you card, haha 🙂

  2. That cake is gorgeous Mary – it’s really captivating to look at. I am so impressed with the way you separated out the M&M colors and didn’t have the letter showing on the cake. You should turn over some of the M&M letters next time to spell Jake’s daughter’s name – not sure if that makes sense ? Like if you stagger the M&M letters you can spell out the initials or the name – like make the letter “J” with the turned over M&Ms.

    This would be such a beautiful cake to make w/ my nephews – dd you make the frosting ?

    Job well done, job well done…

    1. Hi Faye – Oh, I never considered spelling out the name like you said! I imagine I would like, forget what I was doing and mess it up haha. But that’s a fun idea! Yes, I made the frosting. I don’t like store bought frosting (always too sweet). This is the frosting recipe I always use: http://therepressedpastrychef.com/2008/5/19/buttercream-icing/ – it is my favorite! But I use like 5-6 cups of sugar instead of the whole 2lbs bag since I don’t like it that sweet. Thanks for your nice comments!

  3. Wow, I love the horse figure on top of the cake! The pecans inside are a nice surprise too!

    When I was looking at the new photos, I was thinking, gosh, that looks like either Pho Convoy or Mandarin. Then after scrolling down more, saw the Chinese Zodiac placemat and then your comment that you guys were at Mandarin. They have the most bomb-@$$ Crack chicken wings there!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday to A! My kid will turn 14 later this year too!

    1. The pony is from a blind box from Hot Topic. Her brother pulled Rainbow Dash (he got one for Christmas, too) and gave it to us so we could use it for her cake. Very nice of him.

      We totally got a plate of those crack wings. OMG, they’re so good!

      Oh yeah, I knew the girls were close in age but I couldn’t remember how close! When Jake & I started dating, A was 7 years old. Goodness!

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