top 5 san diego tacos + $25 giveaway to rubio’s

Did you know that today is National Taco Day? Yeah, I didn’t either. I feel like taco day should be in another month, a Spring like month. I don’t know why though. Pretty much any day is a good day for tacos. I’m here with two things for you! 1) A list of 5 tacos (my top 5) and 2) a gift card giveaway for $25 to Rubio’s so you can get your taco on.

Let’s begin!


[avocado corn fish taco from Rubio’s]

5) Fish Tacos

Fish tacos and San Diego just go hand and hand. If you visit San Diego (or live here year round) then fish tacos are something that you’ve probably had a few times. Unless of course you can’t stand seafood, then you can just go ahead and skip to number 4 on this list. Rubios is like, the founder of the San Diego fish taco and a decent choice. The avocado corn fish taco was something I really enjoyed at Rubio’s – probably because it’s all fried and crunchy and filled with slices of avocado. There are plenty of other places to get fish tacos, such as local food trucks, but since I haven’t tried any of those I can’t vouch for them. Fish tacos had to be on this list though!


[carne asada mini taco from Tacos el Poblano]

4) Street Style Tacos

Street style tacos are different from the larger, hard shelled or soft shelled variety. They’re made on mini corn tortillas with meat, cilantro, onions and guacamole. They’re simple and allow the flavor of your chosen meat to really shine through. I can usually eat three of these little suckers until I can call it a day. There are tons of places around ton that do the mini street style and often on Taco Tuesday you can get them for 99 cents a piece. I really loved the carne asada mini tacos from Tacos el Poblano in Chula Vista for the super tender and flavorful carne asada. Mmmm.


[potato tacos Carnitas Uruapan]

3) Potato Tacos

Potato tacos are more of a recent discovery for me. I tried them once at some little hole in the wall and they didn’t taste very good. Until I had them here at Carnitas Uruapan, I had no idea they could taste so good! It’s like the vegetarian version of tacos with no meat, just flavorful, delicious mashed potatoes stuffed into a crunchy shell and topped with delicious things. The version here is far and away my favorite and I crave them on a regular basis. The combination of crunchy goodness with melt-in-your-mouth potatoes is a real winner to me.


[mula with adobada from Tacos el Gordo]

2) Mulas

A mula is basically like a really cheesy version of a taco. It’s got cheese on both sides of the two stacked tortillas and is stuffed with meat, sauce, and cilantro. Tacos el Gordo does one of the best versions, using super good cheese and a combined with their delicious cut-off-the-spit adobada, it’s naturally one of my top five favorite tacos. The combination of cheese and meat makes for a delicious morsel, even if the greasy taco does make my stomach hurt later. But it hurts oh so good.


[rolled tacos from Las Cuatro Milpas]

1) Rolled Tacos

I pretty much live and die by rolled tacos. If Jake and I ever go somewhere new, I always try the rolled tacos first. If you can’t do a good rolled taco, then chances are you will never see me again. It’s so simple – just a fried tortilla stuffed with meat and topped with delicious things – and yet so many places fail on it. There are lots of delicious versions (I’m looking at you, Lolitas!) but probably the best ever is from Las Cuatro Milpas. It’s hand made, hand rolled, and fried in a huge vat of oil in an open kitchen. The freshness of their rolled tacos really shines through and you wonder why everyone doesn’t make it this way. Another version I love also at Carnitas Uruapan – they do carnitas rolled tacos over there!

San Diego is a land filled with many different kinds of tacos – so get out there and explore! And then come back and tell me about it so I can try it, too 🙂

$25 Gift Card Giveaway to Rubio’s

Now – for the giveaway! Rubio’s has been gracious enough to give me a $25 gift card to give away to one lucky reader! Just tell me in the comments below to enter: What’s your favorite kind of taco (and from where)?

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44 thoughts on “top 5 san diego tacos + $25 giveaway to rubio’s


    i just went there for the first time on tuesday and i cant stop thinking about their taco especial. it has scallops, shrimp, and SMOKED FISH! my husband, who does not eat any seafood whatsoever, was tricked by a friend a few months ago to eat this taco and ask no questions and he LOVED IT! finally he took me there on tuesday and i cant stop thinking about it. they serve a small cup of fish soup for free like the taco tricks do as well. also, their sauces….oh my lordy THE SAUCE! they have three different sauces in squeeze bottles that are in the small refrigerator by the cash register. use those sauces and prepare to have your mind blown!

  2. I actually enjoy the classic at Rubios which is a fish taco especial. I order it every time I’m there. I keep telling myself to try new dishes, but this is truly my favorite taco anywhere. I combine this with one of their green marinated peppers they have at the salad bar. So yummy!

  3. Rolled tacos are the best! The ones from Cotixan in Poway are good enough for me. I get grumpy when taco shops put “avocado sauce” on them instead of real guacamole, though.

  4. I don’t really like playing favorites… but right now I’m craving a Carnitas Taco from El Ranchito Taco Shop in Poway.

  5. I’m partial to Rubios fisg taco especial And rolled tacis from Gualbertos (1st place I ever had them)

  6. love this little place in Austin called torchie’s — the dirty sanchez taco is delish.

  7. Let me correct myself as I’ve made a new discovery while at the Rady Children’s Shamu Walk this morning. Rubios was there serving up tilapia fish tacos, and WOW! Tilapia tacos are really good!

  8. see times like these is when i wish i had a facebook or one of the other social medias. but great post! that mula looked the best.

  9. Ha, we were just there on Saturday and I tried their seafood trio tacos. Loved the shrimp taco with salsa verde and of course my go to Rubio fish tacos with flour tortillas. The Mister tried the beef street tacos for the first time and loved them.

  10. I liked you on facebook. I am up in Oceanside. If I ever get down that way, I’ll check these out. Maybe a review of the best carne asada fries or California Burritos? I’ll go check to see if you already have. 😉 Great blog, keep it up!

  11. I love crockpot shredded chicken tacos with white queso cheese. From my kitchen 😉

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