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One Saturday afternoon not too long ago, Jake and I took the kids out for a fun, touristy afternoon. We went to Lucha Libre for lunch in the Champion’s Booth and then we drove to Coronado to take the ferry “there and back again”. On the way over to catch the ferry, we were walking through Ferry Landing when I see this:

A cupcake shop?! That I’ve never seen or heard of before?! How did this happppppppen?

Of course I wandered right in and saw the display cases and I told Jake, “We’re coming back for cupcakes after the ferry ride.” And we did.

Here’s what I saw when I popped my head in (click those babies to zoom in):

And this sign was on the wall within the menu:

They’ve got a ton of flavors and I don’t remember them all because I assumed their website would be working. Tsk, tsk. In any case, they have different flavors offered daily and all of the cupcakes have fun, cute names. Cupcakes are $3.25 each. If you buy 5 cupcakes then you get one free, which is what I did. I got a cupcake for each kid (three!), 2 for me and I convinced Jake to get one. He said he wouldn’t get one, almost didn’t get one, and then said, “Okay, get me the carrot cake one.” Oy.

We ended up getting (from L-R, top to bottom): 2 coconut cupcakes (I’m sure there was a cute name for these, but heck if I remember what it was), a “Chocolate Birthday” cupcake (that one that looks like it’s got a spiderweb on it – it’s covered in ganache), a Black Bottom Betty (it’s got cheesecake in with cupcake batter), a Chocolate PB Jess and the Carrot Cake cupcake.

We took our cupcakes and sat near the sand and the ferry landing dock while the kids played around in the sand. I ate the Chocolate PB cupcake first since I have a mild obsession with chocolate and peanut butter.

I really liked this cupcake. The cake itself was moist and not too dense. There some peanut butter filling in the center as well – I wish there had been a bit more of that, actually. And then the peanut butter icing on top was just dreamy. I actually was saving a large chunk of icing to eat with my last piece of the cupcake and I totally dropped it into the sand. I can’t tell you how upset I was about this. I brooded for awhile and stared very sadly at the glop of icing in the sand.

My other cupcake (which I ate the next day) was the Black Bottom Betty cupcake, which was chocolate cake with cheesecake and chocolate chips baked in with a ring of cream cream frosting (the one above with a ring of red frosting on it). The Black Bottom Betty cupcake I didn’t really care for – course, I still ate the whole thing. It was dry, the cheesecake didn’t really mesh well with the chocolate cake, and the actual cupcake just didn’t live up to the hype in my head. Oh well. That peanut butter icing was still dreamy.

I don’t really know how to rate this overall since I really liked one cupcake and I really didn’t like the other. Jake though his carrot cake cupcake was just okay (not as good as the ones he adored from Batter Up) and the kids just like cupcakes. It’s a split decision, folks.

Coronado Cupcakery
1201 1st St
(between Orange Ave & C Ave)
Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 437-0166

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5 thoughts on “coronado cupcakery | coronado / san diego, ca

  1. I’ve been meaning to take the ferry to Coronado just because. I think there’s an even better reason now that there’s a cupcake place. There’s something soothing about eating a cupcake on the beach.

  2. Hey Darlene –
    I love taking the ferry – it’s always such a pretty view, especially if you’re around for sunset. Whenever we have guests from out of town we take them on the ferry – I think it’s better than going on the harbor tour (which I think is way too long).

  3. hi mary, ha ha – the anti-spam word is ‘crab’!

    the ferry is pretty nice especially in this hot weather….niceviews too.

    got a question- do you have to have reservations to sit in the champions booth at lucha libre?

  4. Hi CC –
    I picked all of the spam words, so they’re all food related 🙂
    Yes, you do need to make reservations for the Champion’s Booth. The pluses to doing this are you don’t have to wait in the crazy long lines and you get served on special gold rimmed plates. It’s pretty awesome! If you’re planning on doing that though, you should try to make a reservation at least 3 days in advance (it’s been filling up quickly lately).

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