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It’s “talk about events” day here at the Plain Jane and here’s another event that’s coming up in a few weeks!

I was invited to apply for a press pass to this new event called the Gourmet Experience. It’s the first event of its kind and will be taking place October 9-10 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I found myself wondering just what this Gourmet Experience was all about and here’s a little background for you:

The Gourmet Experience will be comprised of over 250 exhibitors, showcasing “gourmet” cuisines, products and other services. You’ll be able to sample fine wines, spirits, and craft beers as well as a selection of gourmet foods (some of the things listed on their website: bakery products, honey, herbs and herbal products, pasta, sauces and seasonings, etc.). They’ll also have a variety of the newest kitchen gadgets available for testing out and the opportunity to learn about new trends for remodeling your home. They’ll also have cooking demonstrations by various chef’s from San Diego.

Here’s a little info from their website:

In two action-filled days, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Taste from among the newest gourmet foods available today
  • Review the latest in home and outdoor entertaining products
  • Test out and purchase kitchen equipment and gadgets
  • Plan their next dinner party
  • Learn new trends in casual and fine china, flatware and crystal
  • Get up close culinary instruction from some of San Diego’s most celebrated chefs
  • Research new destinations, resorts and hotels catering to gourmet aficionados
  • Sip on a selection of luxury wines, spirits and craft beer
  • Explore appliance purchases and kitchen remodel options

This event is billed as a “Two-Day Gourmet Shopping Experience”. As for me, I’m going for the samples.

All I can hope is that it isn’t all dessert type samples to try so I don’t get sick! Is this shaping up to be an event that you’d like to check out as well? See the details below for information!

The Gourmet Experience
When: October 9-10, 2010, 10A-5PM
Where: The Del Mar Fairgrounds
Price: Single Day Passes – $25 / Weekend Pass – $40
Enter the code FB10 to save $10 off  your ticket!

2 thoughts on “the gourmet experience – san diego, ca

  1. Hi Mary!
    I’ve been wanting to attend food events like this after reading some of Kirbie’s posts. Thanks a lot for the heads up and I really hope they offer more then just desserts too haha.

  2. Hey Darwin –
    I hope it’s something you’ll want to check it out! I’ll be reviewing it on Saturday and wandering around by myself and probably taking a bunch of photos. I’m not sure what it’ll be like since it’s the first time they’re running this show, but hopefully it’ll be awesome!

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