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I had the opportunity to review a few new products from the San Diego based Sunsweet Bakery. Now I’m sure you probably associate “Sunsweet” with “Prunes” since they usually make a bunch of prune stuff that no one really seems to want to talk about. But they’re coming out with a new line of baked goods that use their “Plum Amazins” products… which… is sort of repacking prunes to be way more hip and appealing to the masses.

You stick the word “prune” on a product and I’m pretty sure people make a weird face (I do, anyway). But plums… I totally like plums! Plum Amazins are dried plums which offer a lower calorie content, more fiber and less sugar than cranberries or raisins.

Maybe they are trying to trick me by using “plums” but with these newest products available on Costco shelves in San Diego, I just may be convinced.


One of the products I got to try was this Plum Walnut Loaf Cake.


I know it says “CAKE” right there on the packaging but whatever… I totally ate it for breakfast a few days in a row.


I loved the purple swirl going on in the loaf cake.

It had a very pleasant sweetness to it with lots of nuts and fruit. You can clearly see a load of walnuts on top of the bread loaf cake. This makes it healthy, right?

The loaf cake was nice and moist and had a nice flavor and texture. I don’t think I could particularly pick out the “plum” taste – it just tasted like a delicious treat to me. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse… at least, the plum flavor is mild.

I ended up really like this product and it was my favorite of the items that I tried. I’d definitely get it again!


Another product I got to try out were the Plum Walnut Bites.


In look and flavor, these little Plum Walnut Bites reminded me a lot of rugelach.


There’s a very similar taste and flavor to rugelach and if you like that treat, then I think you’d definitely dig this version!

The sweet vanilla glaze isn’t too overpowering here since its only on the very top of the bites.


Once you get into the middle of the bites, cinnamon is quite a prominent flavor. The dried plums are a bit more distinct in this product – I could taste them a lot more, offering up almost a tangy bite similar to cranberries. Contrasted with the sweetness from the vanilla glaze it was a nice additional depth of flavor. I really liked this one, too. It was flaky, sweet and had lots of cinnamon which I love!

In addition to these two baked goods, Sunsweet Bakery also offers Purple Country Bread, Purple Dinner Rolls and Oatmeal Plum Cookies. These new products are sure to bring a splash of color to your meals! If you’re interested in trying out these products for yourself, they’re available now in San Diego at your local Costco.

* Disclaimer: I received complimentary Sunsweet Bakery products for review. I was not compensated for this post and all reviews, opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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  1. I love the sunsweet prune walnut loaf cake. I’ve gone to difrent places w no luck. I really would love to no were I can buy them here in san diego ca. Thanx.

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