Le Parfait Paris Revisit

The weekend before Valentine’s Day I had a sudden urge to visit Le Parfait Paris again. Jake and I took two out of three dogs with us for a little brunch adventure. Shorty isn’t allowed to go with us lately because he gets car sick. He’s like the little brother who’s not old enough to do stuff. Aww.

Brunch at Le Parfait Paris

Brunch at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

Le Parfait Paris brunch overview. 

Hot chocolate at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

It was pretty cool that morning and had rained just a teeny bit. We had to sit outside since we had the dogs with us, but it wasn’t too chilly especially since we both got hot beverages to sip on. I got the Chocolate Viennois [$3.50] while Jake got the Sea Salt Caramel Latte [$4.25]. The Chocolate Viennois is like an uber fancy hot chocolate drink. It’s not too sweet and comes with whipped cream on top. The whipped cream is outstanding here and really makes the drink feel extra special. 

Chocolate Croissant at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

A Chocolate Croissant [$3.50] was on my “I gotta have one” list! I loved the deep, dark red color on the outside (normally this is dark brown, I believe) for Valentine’s Day. The croissant wasn’t quite as flaky as I was expecting it to be. They use a semi-sweet or dark chocolate for the filling so it’s not tooth achingly sweet (yay). The croissant was okay but I think next time I’ll try something else.  

Corse Sandwich with Salami, Fig Chutney, and Gruyere Cheese at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

I was remembering the sandwiches we had on Le Parfait Paris’s tasty baguette bread so I ordered another sandwich this time around. I got the Corse [$7.15] sandwich which comes with salami, fig chutney, and gruyere cheese. Really my favorite thing about this sandwich is the BREAD. Oh man. The bread is so good! It’s light, chewy, and has a nice crispy outer crust while being soft on the inside. Everything else is delicious, too, but I think the kind of bread you use for a sandwich is what makes it special and the bread they make here at Le Parfait Paris is extra special. Om nom nom.

Ham, cheese and cheese crepe at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

Jake hasn’t had a lot of crepes in his life and he’d never had a savory one before. He was waffling on a decision and in the end decided to try out this Galette Tradition [$10] which is a savory crepe filled with ham, egg, and cheese. The thing you can’t see inside is that it also had a cheesy bechamel sauce inside of it. The bechamel sauce MADE MY MORNING because it was so damn tasty. Jake gave me a bite and my eyes kind of popped out of my head at how good it was. I eventually stole a few more bites from him and he scooped some of the bechamel out for me. I dipped my baguette in the sauce. If I could just have a little bowl of bechamel + a baguette I’d be all set. YUM.

French macarons at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

The lady who worked as our waitress that day remembered us from our previous visits to Le Parfait Paris and she was nice enough to give us these delicious macarons on the house. So sweet! The shells on these were perfect – just a tiny bit crisp and then chewy on the inside. I’ll have to get a few more of these on my next visit! 

Délice De Coeur at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

I got one dessert to go. They had a few specials out for Valentine’s Day and I decided on the Délice De Coeur [$7.50]. I love the decorations on their cakes! 

Délice De Coeur at Le Parfait Paris | San Diego, CA

Now for the inside of this dessert! The dessert is filled with Stracciatella mousse. In the center there is a Griotte Coulis (aka cherry filling). The entire dessert had a thin chocolate shell. The mousse was so smooth and creamy with little bits of chocolate in it. The cherry center was amazing paired with the mousse. Jake didn’t want any when I finally got around to eating it and well… I scarfed the whole thing down by myself and enjoyed every little bit. No shame, man.

Here are the puppies having brunch with us!

After brunch we walked a few blocks down to Super 7, an apparel and toy store. They had Funko Pops! here and a variety of muscle mans and other action figures. I saw this rad Stranger Things shirt there! I love shirts that depict things from a TV show or movie without expliciting stating “HEY – I’m from this show or movie”. Subtlety. I like it. 

Le Parfait Paris
555 G St
San Diego, CA 92101

Disclaimer: I received a 15% discount off our meal but I wasn’t invited or anything! All opinions are forever and always my own.

4 thoughts on “Le Parfait Paris Revisit

    1. Hi Lynn – It was all pretty tasty! Ohh, I forgot that Five Star exists. I think I prefer doing to the Downtown location. In the mornings it’s not too bad parking on the street Downtown.

  1. The desserts are always lovely at Le Parfait. I like their croissants; I know they’re not as flaky as others but they are quite buttery and excellent. My favorite is the chocolate almond.

    Cool shirt! I would totally wear that. I remember seeing that store last year when Bert and I were walking around. They had a lot of cool Star Wars stuff in there.

    1. Hi CC – I don’t think I’ve tried the chocolate almond, it sounds tasty though. They had a lot of cool shirts at Super 7. The gentleman working there told us they make all of their own shirts. Pretty rad designs!

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