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When I had lunch with a friend recently, she touted Burger Lounge to me and told me I had to try it. Considering Burger Lounge started in San Diego (the first location opened in La Jolla in 2007), it was high time I finally tried this restaurant. We had all three dogs with us that day and this location of Burger Lounge does have a outdoor seating making it a dog-friendly restaurant.  

Menu at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[menu at burger lounge]

Here’s the menu at Burger Lounge. There’s a little bit of variety but their focus is really on their burgers.

Soda from Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[batch craft soda / $2.49]

Jake decided to get a soda for us to share. At Burger Lounge they offer Batch Craft Soda in their soda fountain.

Caramel Salted Pretzel Milkshake at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[salted caramel pretzel milkshake / $6.95]

I peeked at the Burger Lounge menu online before we went so I knew there was a Salted Caramel Pretzel Milkshake available even though there’s no advertisements for it in the restaurant. I asked the cashier if it was still available and she said yes… so I felt that milkshake love was meant to be! The shakes are served the “old school” way where you get the “extra” milkshake that doesn’t fit in the glass in the metal container the shake was made in. I love when places do this! You get more milkshake for your buck and it’s easier to share. 

The caramel flavor was quite nice on this creamy milkshake. I wished for a little more pretzel pieces but the pretzel pieces sprinkled on top on the whipped cream gave it a nice crunch (the pretzels are only on top of the whipped cream and not actually in the shake). Jake, T, and I all really enjoyed the milkshake and we pretty much finished it off before our food even arrived because it was so good!  

Buger with Onion Rings + Fries at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[the classic cheeseburger with 1/2 and 1/2]

We ordered two burgers to share between the three of us. 

Cheeseburger at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[the classic / $7.95]

We got two classic burgers which comes with organic American cheese, organic ketchup, mustard, pickles, and chopped onion. One burger was ordered without pickles, of course.  

Cross view of the cheeseburger at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

The bun is toasted and tastes like a potato roll bun. It’s light and fluffy for a bun. We ordered the burger medium-rare but they looked to be more towards the medium range. The burgers had a nice outer sear on them. There’s not much to these suckers since the Classic is pretty plain (which I don’t mind in the least). I wish the cheese had been melted a bit more on the burger though. It wasn’t melted enough to fully cover the burger in cheesy goodness but it still tasted good. I enjoyed the overall flavor of the burger here but I wouldn’t say it was “mind blowingly good”. I did like it though! Jake felt it was a little more underwhelming than I did. 

Onion Rings and French Fries at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[1/2 onion rings and 1/2 french fries / $5.99]

One of our sides was an order of the 1/2 and 1/2. This is 1/2 onion rings and half french fries. What I liked is that once you started to get into the bag, you could see that the onion rings are layered in with the fries. It’s like getting “surprise!” onion rings as you start to finish them off since you can’t see the other hidden rings. The onion rings had a really nice crispy crunchy coating – the batter had a cornmeal/panko consistency to it. I think that makes for crispier onion rings so I really like them. I also enjoyed that you could see fresh herbs all over the rings and fries. 

Burger and Side Salad at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[the classic with a side salad]

I felt we needed some greens to for our second burger we got a little side salad. 

Side Salad at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

[side salad / $4.25]

When this was brought out to us, the server offered to put fresh cracked pepper on top of the salad which we accepted (and enjoyed!). That was a really nice little touch. The salad has a really yummy lemon-basil vinaigrette dressing that really pulled the salad together. I liked that the side salad also wasn’t just lettuce. There were red onion slices, carrot slices, and bits of corn in the salad that made it extra tasty. 

Little Bit and Short Round at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

Little Bit looks like she’s giving me the evil eye for some reason in this photo.

Maya and Short Round at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

These two characters are totally staring at me eating french fries. Who can resist puppy eyes?! 

Dog Friendly Patio at Burger Lounge | Kensington - San Diego, CA

Sitting next to us on the patio was this big girl who looked like she was very interested in our burgers. 

Burger Lounge
Multiple Locations
4116 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116

10 thoughts on “burger lounge | kensington

  1. I believe they fry their burger patties or something like that! they are usually pretty tasty. during the holidays, there was some kind of buy $50 gc get $25 free promo so yep, I got it. i’ll be hitting up burger lounge some time soon!

    1. Hi Soo – ooh! They didn’t have any of those when we visited but I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. I’d love to try those out.

  2. I remember their child size burgers were super small; TC had one when when was 9 and was still hungry. This Burger Lounge used to be a fancy dessert place, Absolutely Fabulous Desserts.

    1. Hi CC – The Hillcrest location was in Taste of Hillcrest a few years ago and I had a mini burger then and I liked it. Very small though! Ohhh, I don’t remember Absolutely Fabulous Desserts – I haven’t been to Kensington too often over the years! Cool to know though.

      1. Let me know if you ever want to come in for one of our limited edition burgers. We have a couple of fun ones coming up.

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