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We played around with some ideas for breakfast the next day in Vegas. Should we do a buffet? Should we go on the cheap? In the end I decided to try another off-strip restaurant called Jamms Restaurant. 

Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

The Jamminator | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

Jamms Restaurant is way, way off the Strip in a strip mall. No oversized casinos and flashy lights here, folks. When you get away from the Strip, Las Vegas starts to look like a “normal” city!

The item that really caught my eye while browsing around on Yelp was something called “Pot of Bread”. When we sat down, we learned that Adam Richman from Man Finds Food (which is NOT the eating contest show but his newer one) put this place on the map by finding something called The Jamminator. It looked like a Reuben sandwich. No way in hell was I gonna order THAT. Ugh. Pass. 

Ericka's Small Plates Menu | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

The other thing they did here at Jamms Restaurant that I liked was their small plates menu or “breakfast tapas”. You can get a little bit of something instead of paying full price for a big portion which was perfect for me! 

Pot of Bread | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

[pot of bread – regular]

Here’s the pot of bread that had me intrigued! They made fresh, warm bread in these little tin cups and the bread pops out, similar to a popover. If you check in with Yelp, you’ll score yourself a free pot of bread. It comes in three different flavors: regular, cinnamon raisin, and the special of the day flavor. That day’s special was S’mores which sounded too sweet to me. I went with the regular. It was just a fresh, yeasty bread in a very small pot. It’s similar to the taste of a dinner roll. It tasted pretty good to me, but I’m a sucker for fresh bread. 

Wild West Burger | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

[wild west burger / $9.59]

T wasn’t interested in having breakfast and went with a burger again. The Wild West Burger is basically a chili burger. It comes with onions and cheese (plus the other fixings) on the side. T liked this burger okay but liked the one from Ellis Island Casino much better. He really dug the housemade potato chips. 

Toppings | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

These don’t go together, of course, but I found it funny that they were all on the same plate. 


[chicken fried steak side ($5.75), biscuits and gravy half order ($5.29), and fat french fries ($3.50)]

Jake ordered a bunch of random things, too. He got most of this to share with all of us. 

I thought the chicken fried steak was just okay. Nothing exciting there, really. The biscuits and gravy were not very good. The gravy was extra thick and the biscuits didn’t taste quite all the cooked. They were very dense and stuck together – almost a gluey texture. 

You have a choice between fat fries (steak fries) and skinny fries (shoestring). The fries were okay. 

Waffle Benedict | Jamms Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

[waffle benedict tapa / $5]

One of my tapas was a benedict. For the small version, you can pick any of the benedicts and the Waffle Benedict sounded the most unique to me. It’s Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce on top of a warm, crispy waffle. I liked how the waffle stayed crispy the whole time and since it was plain, it tasted pretty great with the egg, Canadian bacon, and sauce. Definitely unique!


[peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes tapa / $4]

My other tapa was a small serving of pancakes. I choice peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes. Some of the other flavor choices were Bananas Foster, S’mores, Apples & Cinnamon, Coconut Chocolate & Caramel, Pumpkin, or Red Velvet. The chips were starting to melt slowly on top of the tiny pancakes. I was kind of hoping for a peanut butter sauce with chocolate chips on top as the peanut butter chips tend to be on the sweeter side. 

After smooshing the chips around and spreading them across the pancakes, I finally took a bite. It immediately stuck to the roof of my mouth and was hard to eat since it was so dry in my mouth. The sweetness was a bit intense and I was suddenly very glad I only got a tiny plate. They were a little too much to continue eating just after a few bites. 


Overall… breakfast was just okay. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t “wow!”, either. The pot of bread was really good though at least. 

Jamms Restaurant
Rainbow Plaza
1029 S Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 877-0749
Hours: 7am-3pm

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After breakfast, we headed over to Circus Circus since it’s a kid-friendly casino. We walked our way through many shops and past the Adventuredome to head over to the Midway (aka land of games and the arcade). 


In the middle of the Midway there’s a cool two level rotating snack bar. Down below the snack bar, it’s filled with slot machines but up here there are sweets and seats. 




This is a peek through to the area where they do the circus acts. We saw a trapeze act a little later. Down below you can see the casino floor. 


Jake got us a small bag of blue raspberry popcorn to share. It tasted overly sweet to me. It was also a bit chewy and tasted a few days old. We let T finish it off. 


We all played a few of the Midway games. Here’s T playing Star Darts. He only played because they made it look like Star Wars with that font. 





T hit the jackpot on this one and won 100 tickets. Score.


I tried this game and I was horrible at it. Jake played for a bit and then T played. We pumped in quarters so T could get to the very end of the game. 

Circus Circus hasn’t changed all that much since I was a kid. It has a similar look at feel but the place is still jam packed with people and their kiddos. About five years ago Jake and I came here with our friend Chris and had the worst breakfast buffet I’ve ever had in my life. I would recommend staying far, far away from the buffet if I were you. Just go for the games and free circus acts!

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  1. I WANT that cute purple pitcher! I would use it for everything – honey, syrup, ranch dressing, etc.

    I like T’s facial expressions, so funny!

    The chocolate & pb chip pancakes look like overkill, like they dumped a few handfuls on there. It might be better for them to stick to one type as a topping, or maybe bake the chips into the pancake batter.

    1. The purple pitcher is cute! I told T he was a ham the other day and he had no idea what I meant, haha.

      I wished they had put the chocolate inside and then had peanut butter sauce on top. The oodles of chips were really thick on top.

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