wienerschnitzel [part deux]

Hello, Wienerschnitzel. We meet again. I hope your presentation is a little bit better than last time. Don’t disappoint me, now.


Jake and I were here to try the new chili cheese dogs thanks to some PR coupons I received. Jake is the instigator here since he said we should try Wienerschnitzel again. I didn’t really want to. 


It was blazing hot on the day we went and I was so close to getting Freezee. 


We went to the location on El Cajon Blvd. right next to Hoover High School. The menu looks a bit different from last summer’s menu. 


Here’s a close up on that Chili Cheese Dogs menu. 


Jake thought I would get the Bacon Ranch but I opted for the Loaded Bacon Street chili cheese dog ($3.59).

I picked this one because it had onions on it, honestly. This hot dog comes with chili, bacon, mayo, mustard, ketchup and grilled onions. It reminded me of a TJ style hot dog which is similar except the bacon is wrapped around the hot dog and there’s no chili. 


I liked that the bacon was chopped into pieces and sprinkled on top which made it easier to eat. Last year when we tried a bacon hot dog they just laid a whole piece of bacon into the hot dog and it was tough to not just pull the bacon out in one bite. The bacon also is pretty good for fast food bacon – not see-through thin and meaty enough to know it’s really bacon. The sweet onions and condiments offset and muddled the taste of the chili (which I still don’t really like). The hot dog itself was a good size. I still wish for steamed buns, but I guess that’s only in my dreams. 

It’s pretty messy to eat this sucker but it held up together well and it was better than I thought it would be. 


Jake decided to get the Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog ($3.59) which comes with Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, chili, cheese, and sport peppers.


This one was a little messier than mine with the chili cheese hanging off the side of the bun. Also all of that unmelted cheese looks kind of gross. I had a bite of it and I found the taste of the buffalo sauce and chili mixed together to be very vinegary and bitter tasting. There was nothing to really get you past the vinegar flavor. Jake didn’t enjoy it that much either, commenting that the mix of buffalo sauce and chili wasn’t a good thing. 

I just now noticed that you can substitute a pretzel bun for 80 cents! I wish I had done that instead. 

So yeah. Wienerschnitzel. You’re okay, I guess. You won’t be winning any prizes but it’s okay. I still can’t quite see myself going out of my way to go and eat at your place, but we’re cool. Can we still work on that presentation a little bit? Yes? Maybe? Okay. 

Multiple Locations
4530 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115

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Disclaimer: I was given coupons for complimentary hot dog meals. My opinions are my own and I was not further compensated for this post.

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