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I’ve been to Deli Sushi and Desserts quite a few times now, usually for lunch breaks. I’ve gone enough times now that they know what I want to order (since I usually get the same thing – how boring of me). Not too long ago I finally tried out some of their desserts! It’s about time, really. When did I become a dessert slacker?!

Belgium Waffle with Coffee Ice Cream and Strawberries | Deli Sushi and Desserts - San Diego, CA

[belgium waffle / $5]

I had dinner at Deli Sushi and Desserts with my friends Laura and Julia and after gleefully filling our bellies with sushi, we shared a dessert. In particular, we shared the Belgium Waffle. The waffle is served warm and is topped with your choice of 1 ice cream flavor, 1 fruit, and 1 type of sauce. We went with coffee ice cream, strawberries and condensed milk. They even put a stick of strawberry Pocky on top! The sauce was drizzled on the waffle itself and on top of the ice cream. The coffee ice cream was creamy and paired nicely with the slightly tart strawberries, the crispy warm waffles and the sweet condensed milk. Totally yummy! 

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich with Coffee Ice Cream | Deli Sushi and Desserts - San Diego, CA

[coffee ice cream with vanilla macaron ice cream sandwich / $6]

After a recent lunch visit with some co-workers, we all decided to get desserts. It was super warm that day and they didn’t have the A/C on that day, which I jokingly said was some kind of trick to get us to buy ice cream. (It worked.)

I had actually ordered/wanted a regular cookie ice cream sandwich but the guy who was taking the orders wasn’t super familiar with the POS system (his sister, the owner, had gone out to the market) and he got a little confused and instead I got this. 

Coffee and Vanilla Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich | Deli Sushi and Desserts - San Diego, CA

Not that I was complaining. 

But geez this macaron ice cream sandwich was HUGE. I picked coffee ice cream (again) and I got it paired with these gigantic vanilla macaron cookies. It’s dusted with cocoa on top. I cut the sucker in half to make it a little easier to eat. The macarons were perfect – light, airy, chewy with that little bit of crispiness on the outer part of the shell. The coffee ice cream is piled HIGH and tasted wonderful with the macaron. Sadly I could only eat half of this and my co-workers had already had their dessert so the second half was wasted (sniff, sniff). Definitely for sharing, I tell you! 

I’ve only tried these two desserts so far and the next dessert I’d like to try here is the snow ice! It’s on my foodie “to-do” list (do you have one of those, too?). Read my previous review of Deli Sushi and Desserts here.

Deli Sushi and Desserts
8680 Miralani Drive #122
San Diego, CA 92126

Monday-Thurday 10AM – 7PM
Friday 10AM – 10PM
Saturday 12Noon – 10PM
Closed Sundays

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4 thoughts on “desserts at deli sushi and desserts

  1. Man, that macaron ice cream sandwich looks awesome, but so big though. I wish I wasn’t becoming lactose intolerant. In the past, I would always make room for ice cream but now, I’m not feelin’ it. I do want to go here though, heh heh and “share” one of those babies with Bert and TC.

    I wish I worked up near your area and we could go lunching at spots like these! The choices down here are kind of boring compared to Manila Mesa.

    1. I take these dairy pills before I eat ice cream or have something with milk in it. This lactose intolerance is laaaaame. I don’t like it, haha! That’s funny you said you wished you worked up here because I’m getting a bit bored of the places around here. I’m starting to branch out to Del Mar with lunch now since we’re close to the 805.

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