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One evening last week I was over at Jake’s and he didn’t want to go out. We were going to order a pizza but then I suggested we try this little Thai place that’s only a few blocks from his house. We’ve passed it about a thousand times already and have always meant to go in but just… never really gave it serious thought before. It looked like a cute little place and I got him to agree (even though I think he really wanted that pizza). The Thai place is called Tuk Tuk Thai and I used Yelp to place a to-go order for us.

Take out Tuk Tuk Thai Dinner

You can use Yelp to order or you can use Grub Hub. I liked Yelp’s interface a little better so I used that one to order online. If you get it delivered, Grub Hub has a $3-$5 delivery charge and on Yelp it was a $3 delivery charge though I’m not sure how large their delivery area is. We decided to save ourselves that $3 bucks and just go get it ourselves. 

pra ram stir fry peanut sauce from tuk tuk thai in san diego

[pra ram stir-fry with beef / $8.95 + $2]

Jake doesn’t really seem to be into Thai noodles from past experiences so I decided to try out one of their stir-fry dishes. This particular dish is stir fried vegetables with peanut sauce. Tofu can be added at no additional charge. For $1 you can add pork or chicken. For $2 you can have beef, shrimp, or calamari. For $4 they’ll add duck, scallops, or mixed seafood. Beef sounded like a good choice that day and it turned out to be quite yummy! The peanut sauce wasn’t very heavy and it could have used a little extra sauce but the mix of beef, vegetables and peanut sauce was really good. We were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed the dish. We got it at a level 2 spiciness and that was quite enough for my weak tastebuds. 

egg rolls from tuk tuk thai

[egg rolls / $5.95]

I always love to order egg rolls since I love crispy things. These egg rolls were filled with ground chicken, vegetables, and glass noodles and were served with a sweet plum sauce. These were rolled quite loosely, making them a bit softer than other rolls I’ve tried. The filling was okay but I was sad they were not very crunchy. Jake liked these more than I did since he doesn’t care about how crunchy things are. He likes softer textures! 

fried dumplings- from tuk tuk thai

[fried dumplings / $5.95]

I decided to get one more item for us and we decided on trying out the fried dumplings. You can also get these steamed and they have a chicken filling on the inside – similar to the egg rolls but without the glass noodles inside. It comes with a sweet soy sauce for dipping.

I liked these a lot better than the egg rolls since they had the crispy exterior I desired. The filling tasted wonderful and the wrapper was good. I liked mixing the two sauces together for dipping.  

Jake and I had zero expectations for this place and we were pleasantly surprised at how much we liked the food. A hidden little gem just down the street! We’ll definitely have to try out more of the menu and see what other treasures they might have as well as have a proper sit down meal inside the restaurant. 

Tuk Tuk Thai
5405 Redwood St
San Diego CA, 92105
(619) 677-3091

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6 thoughts on “tuk tuk thai

  1. I didn’t even realize yelp had a delivery option! $3 bucks for delivery isn’t bad considering gas prices lately. But I usually prefer to pick up as I get paranoid that the food will get cold with a 3rd party lazy slow driver or something. The pra ram stir-fry with beef looks yums with all that ‘gravy’ on top.

    1. Hi Faye! I think it’s only with certain stores that you can get stuff delivered. We felt the place was too closeby to pay extra for delivery, haha. Yeah, I almost always go to pick it up so I can get there right when it’s done!

    1. I found it on accident, looking for their menu! I had no idea Yelp had delivery options built in. They’re building on their crazy empire!

  2. Saw Tuk Tuk last year when it opened, then again this year when I met the same client…keep forgetting to stop by. Thanks for this post; it looks good!

    1. Hi Cathy – It’s a cute little place! I doubt many would know about it though I’ve heard they’ve been to various Farmer’s Markets around town as well. Hope you get to stop in!

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