tuk tuk thai

tuk tuk thai

One evening last week I was over at Jake’s and he didn’t want to go out. We were going to order a pizza but then I suggested we try this little Thai place that’s only a few blocks from his house. We’ve passed it about a thousand times already and have always meant to go in but just… never really gave it serious thought before. It looked like a cute little place and I got him to agree (even though I think he really wanted that pizza). The Thai place is called Tuk Tuk Thai and I used Yelp to place a to-go order for us. Continue reading tuk tuk thai

thai time 2 / sports arena – san diego, ca

For my birthday, my friend Laura took me to see a play at the San Diego Repertoire Theater. Before we headed over to the show, we stopped for some dinner at Thai Time 2 – a place Laura had found in one of the many coupon books floating around town (this was for a buy one get one free meal). When we walked in and got a booth in the restaurant, we both kind of gave each other looks simply because of the decor of the restaurant.

Now, I know you should never judge anything by it’s cover… but wow. The pink and teal colors of this place are really not doing it any favors and why on earth does the carpet change color once you get into that “pink” room? Who knows…

We were also in a weird corner with this small door and low hanging pipe. Someone helpfully pointed out the pipe with this little sign. Uh huh.

Despite the strange and baffling decor, we did stay and actually eat food here.

After going back and forth between a few items, Laura and I finally decided on two dishes to share.

[pad see yew with shrimp – $8.95]

Pad See Yew has quickly become one of my new favorite dishes – I’m in love with these flat noodles that’s serviced with this dish. This batch came with broccoli, egg and black bean sauce with a few other veggies thrown in for good luck. This dish was quite tasty and we chose to pair it with shrimp, though you could always go for tofu (or mock meat of your choice), chicken, pork, beef, calamari, seafood, scallop, roast duck or a combination plate.

The sauce was perfectly balanced with the veggies, shrimp and noodles. Slightly sweet (very slight) and a nice flavor from the stir frying. Very yummy!

[peanut steak – grilled steak topped with peanut sauce – $15.95]

Laura really wanted something with peanut sauce on it and we didn’t want to get another noodle dish so we opted to try out this Peanut Steak. The description said it came with peanut sauce but for some reason we didn’t think it would be smothered quite like this! Continue reading “thai time 2 / sports arena – san diego, ca”