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Last week I was out and about in the Convoy area and I decided to pop in to see what kind of treats they had over at Blush Desserts. Initally I just wandered in just for a look-see. I didn’t promise myself I would actually buy anything and my intentions were to only buy a strawberry cheesecake macaron if they had them. And if not, then nothing.

That obviously did not pan out the way I thought it would. I peeked on the macaron shelf and saw no strawberry cheesecake macarons that day. I was a little sad until I saw one that said “Mostra Cold Brew” and my “plan” was immediately thrown out the window.


Blush Desserts seems to always be coming up with new flavors for macarons so it’s hard to resist new flavors I haven’t seen before. Other macaron places seem to only have the “standard” flavors so I really appreciate a place that likes to experiment. The three that caught my eye that day were the Mostra Cold Brew, the Circus Cookie (!!) and the Hazelnut Nutella.


Hazelnut Nutella isn’t really anything new, but I just love hazelnut and chocolate together. I liked the bits of hazelnut scattered on top and the creamy nutella filling inside.

The Mostra Cold Brew had a lovely coffee flavor right in the cookie. The macarons here are the perfect consistency. Slighty crisp shell and chewy on the inside. The cold brew had a lightly sweet buttercream on the inside that almost made it taste like you were having a creamy cup of coffee. In cookie form. Love! 


The Circus Cookie managed to stir my nostalgia for Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies. One shell is a light pink and the other is white with those classic colored sprinkles on top. It had a flavor to it that really reminded me of the circus animal cookies but a little less sweet with another buttercream filling in the middle. I really enjoyed the cookie for it’s flavor but a little more for the memories of eating circus animal cookies as a kid.

Here’s a link to my previous post about Blush Desserts so you can see what other items they off. Their macaron ice cream sandwiches  are still on my foodie bucket list. 

Blush Desserts
4817 Convoy Street
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 505-9498
Closed Mondays

6 thoughts on “macarons at blush desserts

    1. Hi CC – The cookies also made me think of my childhood! I’ve always loved those frosted circus cookies so it was fun to see that flavor! I like the creativity they have over at Blush Desserts. I still want to try one of their macaron ice cream sandwiches.

  1. How much was each macaron? Is Blush located next to Common Theory? I think I stopped by once but didn’t have the time to buy anything. Funny as sis has been inquisitive about macarons lately – we stopped by 85c and they were selling a 6 pack (a TINY six pack) of macs for like $7.50 – and they admitted the macs were shipped in from whatever location. So I think you and CC said that Blush makes all macarons in house?

    1. I think they’re like $1.50 each or something. I can’t remember at the moment how much I paid for them. I should have gotten the receipt! Yes, Blush is right next to Common Theory and they have tons of other desserts, too, not just macarons. I saw the macs at 85c but they were already sold out on the day I went. Bummer they don’t make their own macs. Yes, they make the macarons at Blush. They’re quite tasty!

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