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Jake’s daughter recently had a birthday and it was up to me to create another birthday cake (she’s now 15, WHAT THE HECK). This time she asked for Attack on Titan birthday cake (flavor: lemon). She loves Attack on Titan and when we went to walk around at Comic Con last year she dressed up as one of the characters and also did the same thing again for Halloween. She’s really into this show. Me? I hardly know anything about it, but thankfully the internet is around to educate me without having to actually watch the show. Thank you, internet.

Lemon Curd Filling

To start on the Attack on Titan birthday cake, I “cheated” and used a white cake mix for the cake. I doctored it up by adding milk instead of water, adding some vanilla pudding into the mix and also added lemon juice and lemon zest. There’s lots of tips and tricks for making a box mix taste more homemade and sometimes it’s just easier to go that route when I’m feeling a little lazy (or I know I have a ton of decorating to do).

I did, however, make homemade lemon curd with Meyer lemons from my parent’s tree. This really added that lemon zing to the cake as it was really, really lemony (and really, really yummy). I spread the curd in the middle of the cake.


And then sandwiched the other layer on top. I lopped the top off a bit to even out the cake so there wouldn’t be a weird bump on the top. I needed a flat surface!


The frosting was a whipped cream frosting. There are quite a few ways to stabilize whipped cream to use it as a frosting. I went with the method that adds two tablespoons of instant dry vanilla pudding mix to the whipped cream. Since I already was using it in my cake mix, this was an easy addition. I was a little skeptical it would even work but it held up very well (bonus points: it’s birthday girl’s favorite kind of frosting). You just add the dry pudding mix to the heavy cream before you start mixing – and viola! Frosting! 

I added a little bit of copper food coloring to try and get a more earthy/sand/dirt looks… but oh well. That was the best I could do.

This is the crumb coat layer, in case you’re wondering.


Then came more whipped cream frosting!

Attack on Titan takes place in the future when some crazy humanoid giant Titan creature things come and start eating people for no reason and nearly wipe out humanity. The remains of humanity now live within a country that’s surrounded by three gigantic walls. There are multiple cities within the walls and I guess the inner inner wall is where the royals live. They live with a 100 years of peace until a Titan thing pops back up and eats a wall and some more people. And yadda yadda yadda, the series begins. 

Above you see the start of the very outer wall. I used Biscoff cookies for the walls.

Attack on Titan Birthday Cake | This Tasty Life

To create height and added effect, I made a little rice krispy treat circle in the middle (then frosted it) and surrounded that by Biscoff walls for the inner wall. The very top and most inner walls surrounds some leftover cake. The houses and “castle” are pieces from a Monopoly game. The little chibi Attack on Titan figures I got on Amazon.

Attack on Titan Birthday Cake | This Tasty Life

I put two of the figures inside the wall, defending the city, and a Titan on the outside. Titans are super big (like 60′ feet tall) but you know… just pretend it’s to scale. 

I hoped the Attack on Titan birthday cake looked good enough. I was hoping it was accurate enough!


The birthday girl loved it, so that’s really all that matters. Yay! Happy birthday to A! 

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4 thoughts on “attack on titan birthday cake

  1. Happy bday to her! That cake was uber cute and I appreciate how you used store bought cake mix. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to make things from scratch and hey that’s ok right. I LOVE how you used monopoly pieces! Hope you got the pieces back so you’re not short on monopoly pieces for the next game.

    1. Hi Faye! Thank you! I figured that cake mix is the easiest short cut, especially when I’m making everything else myself. It’s a cheap and easy cheat when I really, really don’t want to measure out extra stuff. Sometimes it makes it seem so daunting when you have so many things to make. Hah! Yes, we got all the monopoly pieces back. 🙂 I kind of want to play it now…

  2. Great cake! I am always impressed with the amount of care and thought you put into your themed cakes. Very nice.

    The only reason I am remotely aware of Attack on Titan is because TC’s dance partner is totally into the game and has dressed up as character (not sure which one tho), even going so far to order the special jacket and weapons for the costume.

    1. Thanks, CC! A totally has the jacket, too. I don’t think she has any weapons, but I really have no idea. She got a lot of Attack on Titan stuff for Christmas!

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