win tickets to the wedge cheese festival in escondido!

Did you know that there’s a Cheese Festival that takes place in San Diego County? CHEESE FEST! Dear god, how did I not ever know about this before?!

The Wedge Cheese Festival - Wine & Cheese Fest - Escondido, CA

The Wedge Cheese Festival is a local wine, beer and cheese festival happening up in Escondido, CA on October 25, 2014. I was invited to go to the event but as this falls on my birthday, I already made other plans for the day! How sad. A whole festival of cheese on my birthday sounds kind of magical.

Cordiano Winery

[image from Cordiano Winery’s website, one of the wineries featured at The Wedge Cheese Festival this year]

Instead, dear readers, my wish is for one of you lucky peeps to GO IN MY STEAD. Please. Go and eat all of the cheese. Do it for me. 


The Wedge Cheese Festival - Wine & Cheese Fest - Escondido, CA

[images from The Wedge Festival’s Facebook page]

THIS COULD BE YOU. Drinking all that wine. Eating all of the cheese. You know you wanna! 

The Wedge Cheese Festival Flyer - Escondido, CA

I’ve got a pair of tickets to The Wedge Cheese Festival for one lucky person. If you want to enter then please tell me: what’s your favorite kind of cheese?

Tell it to me in the PromoSimple box below. There are additional ways to enter if your little heart desires. This giveaway runs until Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 9PM PST. This giveaway is open only to US Residents. Winner will be chosen via through the PromoSimple interface. Winner has 48 hours to respond otherwise you’ll be sad and I’ll be sad for you and another winner will be chosen who will likely do a little dance. This giveaway is sponsored by The Wedge Escondido.

Disclaimer: A pair of tickets were given to me for this giveaway. I was not further compensated for this post. I did it for the love of cheese! And because I love you guys. Sniff, sniff.

5 thoughts on “win tickets to the wedge cheese festival in escondido!

  1. I wrote about the Escondido Chocolate Festival (run by the same group) and heard about this event through them! I may have mentioned it to you or other food bloggers before. Too bad you can’t make it though! October has been a really busy foodie month!

    1. Hi Lynn! Oh yeah, I wish I had gone to the Chocolate Festival, too, though Jake would never go to that with me, haha. I wish I could go to the Cheese Fest! Oh, all of that lovely, lovely cheese sounds so dreamy. Maybe next year!

  2. We were downtown last yr & stumbled across the cheese Fest. We attended the chocolate event & now hope to attend the Cheese Fest. So cool, here in town.

      1. The Chocolate & Beer & Wine was put on by the same group that does the cheese Fest. Same thing, going to diff. shops & tasting. Very cool. Would love to attend this one. I love blue cheese.

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