zombie cake (+daryl)

It’s October which means it’s the start of MEGA BIRTHDAY MONTH. S had his birthday last week and Jake also had his birthday last Sunday (which we are celebrating this Friday). Just a few other October birthdays? Jake’s sister, my aunt, like three of my cousins, oh and of course ME. Did I mention that I love October? I do.

I was on birthday cake duty and S asked for a zombie cake for his birthday this year. I’ve made a couple of zombie cakes in the past using white chocolate to create the zombie dudes. (Psst, you could also make some zombie bunnies or other zombie chocolates with a few chocolate molds. I mean, if you’re looking for ideas, that is. Maybe stabby broken glass cupcakes would be up your alley, too?).


I made a simple yellow batter for the zombie cake. I scooped some out and dyed it green and dropped it back into the pans. I wanted to create a “moldy” effect for the cake when you looked at its innards.


Since it was ungodly hot last week, I sure did NOT want to be messing around with chocolate. Instead, I “cheated” and picked up these Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets from Amazon to use as the zombie cake toppers. Way, way easier and they can totally count as an additional present.


I made a square cake and made a simple chocolate buttercream. I used Milano cookies for the tombstones again and tried using that premade frosting for the writing (the Wilton one in a big bag). But it was way too hard to use for writing – I recommend getting those thinner gel tubes instead, they are much easier to use. If I had been all hardcore I could have made royal icing… but nah. I wasn’t. Not today anyway.


Here are the zombies in place! Crushed Oreo is used for the dirt. It’s perfect for the puppets since there’s only half of them anyway and they’re easy to place on the cake.


Kinda graphic for little finger puppets, huh?


She’s got someone’s brains…


The whole zombie cake once again! Now with flash.


One of the presents that Jake and I gave to S was a Funko Walking Dead blind box. As S was opening it, Jake said, “You better not get Daryl!” since Daryl is Jake’s favorite character. But guess what?


He got Daryl. So naturally we had to put him on the zombie cake.


Daryl will take care of your zombie problem for you.


Here’s a peek at the “moldy” inside of the cake! The filling is cookies and cream buttercream. It turned a little orange since I used Halloween Oreos.


One last fun Halloween/Birthday thing! I bought these awesome Halloween Slapstickers as a decoration for some iced tea bottles (also good for soda bottles). I had one that said “Zombie Virus… made with real brains” but I forgot to photograph that one!

12 thoughts on “zombie cake (+daryl)

  1. I’m loving this idea! Thanks for giving the rest of us advance notice so we can plan ahead to make this before Halloween.
    On a more creepier note, the zombie in the front, right side looks just like my Uncle Phil, especially when his precious Seahawks lose.

    1. It worked out well that S wanted something kind of Halloween like for his birthday, haha. This is a super easy cake, so hope you can try it! I hope your uncle’s brains aren’t showing 🙂

  2. This is awesome! The bf is obsessed with the Walking Dead too haha, he would love this. I am the biggest wuss in the world when it comes to zombies and gross monster type things so I don’t really watch it that often. Even playing the one Call of Duty game that has a Nazi zombie multi player mode would make me crazy anxious/scared haha O_O

    1. Zombie stuff used to freak me out, Walking Dead used to freak me out so bad but now I’m more used to it? I played a lot of Left 4 Dead, I became immune to it haha. 😀

    1. Thanks, CC! I was happy for that little find on Amazon, perfect for the cake! I tried to put dirt crumbs on top of the zombies too so it looked like they freshly crawled out but I don’t know if anyone noticed, haha.

  3. It seems like Daryl is the reigning character in The Walking Dead — all the guys want to be him and all the women want to be protected by him when the zombie apocalypse eventually descends on us. Loved the mold touch on the cake!

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