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A few months ago, my co-worker cohorts and I tried to come to this plaza off Miramar Rd. for lunch to visit a place called Dave’s Cafe. But it had been closed down and a new spot was revamping it for an eventual move into the spot. Fast forward a few month’s and the place has finally opened and we went last week to check it out. The place? Supernatural Sandwiches.


I think they’re still working on their signage since the only thing you can see from the street is the Grand Opening banner. I believe they have now been open for about a month!


There’s a cool look and vibe to the place. On one side, you have this mural of mystical, supernatural creatures with little portholes. One of the owners told us the mural was created by a family member (I think niece, but I’m not 100% sure).


On the other wall is more nautical stuff with ropes, more portholes, a caught shark and a little kraken tentacle! The kraken tentacle was my favorite! 


Here’s a bit of a peek at the menu with the prices listed. It’s much easier to see their menu online than to read this.


[aphrodite – shrimp and applewood smoked bacon on a 4 cheese grilled sandwich / $10]

Each lovely sandwich comes with a handful of freshly made shrimp chips. The shrimp chips are dusted with a little magic seasoning that make them a little spicy – but not so much that I couldn’t handle it. They have a light shrimpy/seafood flavor and a wonderful crunch. Better than the prepackaged shrimp chips in a bag if you ask me.


Their grilled cheese sandwich – which is called Vulcan – has mozzarella, cheddar, goat cheese, and pecorino cheese with garlic aoli. The Aphrodite (above!) steps it up a couple of notches by adding delicious Mexican White Shrimp and bacon to this sucker creating an incredible fusion of flavors. They use a delicious brioche from Bread & Cie in Hillcrest to round the whole thing out. It’s kind of buttery and rich but overall really yummy.


The cheeses are grilled to form a crust so it’s not just melted cheese. The bread is grilled perfectly as well and the sauces bring the whole thing together. A really kick ass sandwich!


[chimera – a surf ‘n turf sandwich with korean steak bbq, shrimp, sesame chili aioli, kimchi relish on a brioche bun / $10]

This is David’s choice of sandwich – the Chimera which is like a “surf n’ turf” sandwich since it had both shrimp and Korean steak bbq. I didn’t try it but David remarked that it was a very good sandwich. The bread is thick – almost like Texas toast!


[shrimp fried rice / $2.50]

David also ordered this shrimp fried rice and let me have a bite. It has a good flavor and tasted pretty fresh. I think the rice was a bit on the mushy side, but I liked the overall flavor of it.


[minotaur – korean bulgogli beef with sesame chili aioli and kimchi relish wrapped in our sweet brioche / $8.50]

I went in for a return visit earlier this week and got the sandwich that Matt ordered last week – the Minotaur. I wanted to try one of the non-seafood sandwiches before I did my review. One of the owners we chatted with last week was there again and recognized me and said, “Back again!”

In addition to the grilled cheese and this bulgogli beef sandwich they also offer a Korean BBQ chicken sandwich and a veggie meatball sandwich to round out the menu for any non-seafood eaters.


Again, the bread is one of my favorite things about the sandwiches here. It’s grilled perfectly! I really liked the Korean Bulgogli beef that’s inside the sandwich but this sandwich was a bit spicier and the heat crept on me a tiny bit. I was not super into the kimchi relish, either, as it made the sandwich a bit tangy. Normally I’d ask for it without, but I wanted to try the sandwich “as is”. Of the two I preferred the Aphrodite and next time I stop in I want to try their Siren sandwich which is all shrimp. The photos I’ve seen of it show it on a split bun which I hope is still the case!


[lemon bar]

In the case by the register they feature a few desserts from outside companies. On my first visit I snagged this lemon bar by Sweet Lydia’s. I got it mostly for the swirly, toasted (almost poo like, oops, did I say that out loud?) meringue on top. The lemon bar had a nice tartness to it but I wished there was more crust. It was too much lemon stuff for me – I like it to be about 50/50 lemon stuff and crust, but maybe that’s just me.


[chocolate chip cookie / $2]

I didn’t notice on my first visit that they had cookies that were baked on the premises so on my second visit I made sure to get one! They are a simple chocolate chip cookie but they were really good. The cookie had a nice consistency and outer crispness without being too hard or soft. The chocolate chips were still semi-melted which made it just about perfect!

Supernatural Sandwiches brick and mortar store is currently only open Monday through Friday but they are planning on expanding to include Saturday hours pretty soon. Also in the works are daily specials and different sandwiches – all of which I’m eager to try out! I’m happy to see a place like this has creeped up near my work/home so we can have a little variety in our lives! Yesssss!

SuperNatural Sandwiches
7094 Miramar Rd #105
San Diego, CA 92121

Mon-Fri: 11AM – 7PM
Sat: TBD

12 thoughts on “supernatural sandwiches / miramar – san diego, ca

  1. You had lunch with the minion ! I laughed that he let you have a bite of the rice. How generous 🙂

    I’ve wanted to try out this sandwich place! Did you like it more than Crossroads? How does this place compare to Wich Addiction (still my favorite sammy place for some reason).

    I think that toasted meringue looks like Lifu taking a nap 🙁 It freaked me out when I saw that pic.

    1. Hi Faye – I have lunch with the minion at least once a week, haha! He usually lets me try his food, actually. All for research you know. I liked this place more than Crossroads but I’m still planning on going there again next week (didn’t make it this week) before I do my review. I’d say this one is on par with Wich Addiction, they have mostly seafood and Korean-related sandwiches though and I like the dessert options here better than Wich Addiction. I love the decor in this place, too! You should give it a try!

  2. Ooh, this is quite close to where I live, but too bad I don’t usually get to sneak out of work Monday-Friday for lunch 🙁 Hopefully the Saturday hours will be open soon! And is there anything better than perfectly grilled bread?! 😀

    1. Hi Jinxi! It sounded like they were going to add the Saturday hours soon! Otherwise I believe they are still at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Sundays, but that can be a hike! I love perfectly grilled bread, it can make my day, haha.

  3. bert and i tried one of their sandwiches at that farmer’s market place in barrio logan back when they opened. not sure if that farmer’s market place is still “alive”. man, they did have some good sandwiches! nice and meaty and with good bread too!

    1. Hi CC – I remember seeing them at that market a long time ago! I didn’t realize they moved to Hillcrest until I visited the shop. Good sandwiches, man.

  4. Hey Mary – I’ve been here a couple of times. Love the brioche lobster style roll they use. Good ingredients too….I’ve seen them buying stuff at Catalina Offshore a couple of times.

    1. Hi Kirk – I want to try one of the sandwiches with the lobster roll next time – I love those kind of rolls! They do use good quality products for their food, probably why it tastes so darn yummy.

  5. I think I see these guys at farmer’s markets but have never tried them. I think they do a lot of seafood sandwiches? The shrimp fried rice looks quite good and I looooove kimchi and bulgogi sandwich would be everything.

    1. Hi J.S. – Yes, they used to be at the Public Market Downtown awhile ago and on Sundays they are at the Hillcrest market. It is mostly seafood but for their shop they have expanded to do more non-seafood sandwiches, too!

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