[giveaway] taste of hillcrest coming up on april 19th, 2014 + win tickets!

The 14th Annual Taste of Hillcrest is just around the corner! I last attended this event in 2012 and Jake and I had a blast going around and trying the crazy amount of samples available from over 40 restaurants in the neighborhood. There are 40 restaurants participating – making it one of the larger “taste” events in San Diego.


These taste events are always a ton of fun – it’s a great chance to see what’s in the neighborhood with a day of exploration and lots of food! There is also a complimentary shuttle that will take you up and down University Ave. so you can easily explore the whole neighborhood.

Here’s a look at the participating restaurants in this year’s Taste of Hillcrest:


Jake and I are taking S with us this year. S says he wants to go to all 40 restaurants. He’s a crazy kid. Jake thinks we should try to hit up TWENTY places, which I also think is crazy pants. Stacey and I could barely do 15 at Taste of Downtown last year so I better not eat for like, a day in advance. Haha!

Do you want to attend, too? I know you do! I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to one lucky reader to attend the Taste of Hillcrest. Here’s how you can enter:

In the PromoSimple box below tell me: what’s your favorite restaurant in Hillcrest?

Additional entries are available after you comment below. All comments are looked at and validated – any false entries will get all of your entries disqualified so please be honest! You have until April 15th, 2014 at 9PM PST to enter – good luck!

Disclaimer: Tickets are provided by McFarlane Promotions. I am receiving a pair of complimentary tickets in exchange for this giveaway.

10 thoughts on “[giveaway] taste of hillcrest coming up on april 19th, 2014 + win tickets!

  1. Yeah lemme know if you do all 40. I’m willing to bet (like .50c) that S will want to give up after 20.

    Was it busy for this event? Did you have to wait long for samples, etc? I just went to that UTC tasting and it was horrible. So I’m super cautious about these tastings now.

    1. Hi Faye – Haha, yeah, maybe Jake and I will take bets on how many he can do. 20 seems like way too much to me right now! When we went to this event 2 years ago it was crowded, but we never had to wait for too long for samples. Anything that looked too lengthy to us we just skipped. Most places had the food already ready to go but sometimes they would run out or they were preparing things fresh – so it depends on the place. Taste of Hillcrest seemed more organized than other tastes I’ve been to (one in PB and one Downtown) so this is the one I’m most looking forward to!

  2. I used to live in Hillcrest until just a few years ago. I looked away for just a second, and 50 new places popped up overnight! Can’t wait to try all the new stuff in my old ‘hood.

    1. Hi Sarah! It seems like there’s always something new to try in Hillcrest! There are a few new places on the list I can’t wait to check out. Good luck!

  3. My dream is to start a food blog. But I really don’t have the resources or experience to exactly start one now. I hope trying these foods will give me more experience with different types of food and open my taste palette.

    1. Hi Phi! You could always do a “practice” blog for free with blogger.com or wordpress.com – they host the blog for you and it’s a good way to just get it started and get going. The best advice I can give there is to just DO IT and practice writing and taking photos. Mostly if you just start it and keep at it… then your dream will come true! Good luck on that and with the giveaway!!

  4. Salt and Cleaver! Saigon on Fifth! I want to see what they are sampling (they weren’t participating two years ago when I went). Also, since Au Revoir ran out of food before we got there, I’d want to hit that place sooner this year!

    Two taste events within one week would be a lot haha! Since it’s Dennis’s birthday month, I hope we don’t get sick of eating out! I kinda did during my birthday month.

    1. Hi Lynn! Oh yes, Salt & Cleaver is definitely on my list – I’ve been curious about them for awhile! But think of all of the free things for your birthday that you can partake in… it’s like a mini celebration every time 🙂

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