godiva chocolates [free birthday treats]

Today is my birthday.


I was going to do a regular post but then it seemed silly to not acknowledge my own birthday on my own blog. So here I am, acknowledging it.

I was a little freaked out a few years ago when I passed the thirty mark, but now I’m pretty much over it. Life is good. I’m in a good place, I have an awesome family, great friends and co-workers, and a really stellar guy in my life. Things aren’t so bad so I’m happy to pass through another year.

I’m still in the midst of free birthday things and I’ll get to more of those soon. I figured I’d start off with the first free item I got this year: Godiva Chocolates! This is the first year I signed up for the Godiva Rewards. It’s free to join and you are rewarded with a free gift for your birthday plus you get one free chocolate a month (starting the month after you sign up).

My birthday reward? Free purchase up to $10, no additional purchases required. HELLz YEAH.

I visited the Godiva store at UTC and browsed around and found there were a few things I could easily get for $10.


I choose to get the Signature Truffles box ($10). This box comes with four truffles:


Salted Caramel Truffle, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Milk Chocolate Truffle and Hazelnut Crunch Truffle.

My favorite by far was the Hazelnut Crunch truffle since I love love love hazelnut things. It had a nice hazelnut flavor on the inside plus the crunchy nutty bits on the outside. The salted caramel was also excellent, though I thought it could have used just a tiny bit more salt.


I also got to have one free truffle since I was a Rewards member. I asked the guy at the counter what his favorite one was and he said far and away the Pistachio. I decided to check out his choice instead of ogling the truffle counter for another ten minutes. I loved the color on this one (especially since it’s my favorite shade of green). I thought it was a bit light on the pistachio flavor but I still liked it. Didn’t fall in love with it, but chocolate is chocolate my friends and Godiva’s is so smooth and creamy, no matter the flavor.

An excellent start to my season of free birthday things! Stay tuned for more recaps of free goodies that you can sign up for yourself, too!

16 thoughts on “godiva chocolates [free birthday treats]

  1. Happy birthday Mary!!! I am so looking fwd to your free bday stuff post 🙂

    I wish I knew about the Godiva bday treat though 🙁 Dang it….

    But $10 and no purchase necessary???!!! Jeez….you go gurl !

    1. Thank you, Faye! There’s lots more to come haha! You have to go sign up for it now for next year! And you’ll still get a free truffle so that’s like a free present right away!

    1. Thanks, Jinxi! I’m going to get my Sprinkles cupcake in like, a half hour haha! Thinking about getting that pumpkin one I saw on your blog!

  2. Happy birthday to one of my favorite food bloggers! Hope you’re having an awesome day, Mary — you deserve it! Of course, thanks for letting us know about birthday treats!!!

  3. Happy Birthday (one more hour left of it!) Mary!!!!!!!!

    And yay, another place for free birthday stuff! (must sign up for this one….april’s right around the corner, ha ha).

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