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When Jake and I were discussing what route to take to Palm Springs, he was pretty adamant about not going over the mountain to get there. I didn’t know why exactly, I had a vague recollection of the drive and it didn’t seem so bad to me, but he really wanted to come in via the I-10.

It didn’t really work out that way though, of course. I saw there was traffic up the I-15 and we opted to take the 79 through the mountains which dumped us into Palm Desert. Of course, this wasn’t the way I was used to go since we went through Hemet and as we snaked our way up and over the mountain, I could see why he didn’t want to drive this way. The winding, curvy roads with no guardrail is worrisome when you’re the drive, but as the passenger I had a great time just looking at the view before us.


I snapped this at the lookout point above Palm Desert. You can see the road snaking and winding it’s way down the mountain and into the valley below.


It was a lovely drive. So glad I didn’t have to drive it! At least I finally knew what he meant about not wanting to drive through this way.

We arrived at the Riviera Palm Springs at 6PM. With the media dinner starting in a mere 30 minutes, I felt kind of rushed to get checked in and get going. The next day though I was able to casually stroll around the grounds and take some photos.

the lobby


The lobby itself it truly stunning.


Here’s a wider look at the lobby area. The high backed white circular couches look grand up against that orange and white patterned back wall. The chandelier looks like a charming mix of antlers. If antlers could ever be charming.

the jr. suite


Jake and I stayed in a Junior Suite much to my surprise and delight.

I fell in love with this high back headboard and the pattern in the carpet. The bed was incredibly comfortable – soft and mildly firm, I felt like I was sinking into luxury. In addition to the fancy throw pillows that no one ever uses, there were four pillows on the bed. Two were firm and two were soft. I thought it was a nice touch to put both styles on the bed. Jake likes the firm pillows while I like the soft ones. I like to feel like my head is sinking into the pillow.


The bathroom in the suite featured dual sinks. We never even really in the bathroom at the same time, but it was really cool.

The provided hair care and lotion products were made by Lather. I actually ended up really liking how it felt in my hair. Might have to buy some of it later. In the meantime though, you know I stashed all of those in my luggage when I left. Even if I don’t like the shampoos I always take them. Like they’re an included gift with the hotel. And then they get stuck under my bathroom sink to never see the light of day again.


There was a separate room for the shower/toilet. The weirdest thing about the shower was that there was NO DOOR. Just a long, thick glass with an opening at the very top of the shower and an opening at the beginning where you get in. I kept feeling a draft when I was in the shower and it kind of weirded me out. I didn’t get a shot of the shower though, I forgot and Jake was using it when I took all these photos.

The other cool thing was this massive stand alone tub! I took a bath the next morning and enjoyed the extra large tub immensely. Too bad they didn’t give us any bubble bath.


Here’s another shot of the room with the living area. There was a comfy couch (which also had a pull out bed). We kind of ruined the tidy look with all of our stuff.


Our room opened onto a little patio with some cute chairs and a table. The only time I went out there was early in the morning when it was still cool enough to go out there.


The Riviera Palm Springs has many little garden areas and little paths like this one, creating a very lush getaway feel to the whole place.



This is Tom Wright, the general manager who gave us a tour of the property and ended up playing a little song for us on the piano. He sometimes performs with guests on the weekends and it was uplifting to hear him play a little song for our group at the end of the night.

This is in the Starlite Lounge, right next to the lobby.


The Starlite Lounge had a number of painting done by the artist, Shag.


“Come Sin With Me”.


This one was done specifically for the Riviera. Very much reminds me of the hotel!


There’s an area connecting the restaurant to the lobby which is filled with swanky lounge areas, plus this sparkly rhinestone covered pool table.


This room makes me feel like I should be sipping a martini in a cocktail dress with 60’s music playing in the background.

the pool


The Riviera is build in a unique spoke wheel shape. The various buildings that house the rooms all spill out and are build around the pool, which is the heart and gathering spot for the hotel.


Around the pool are many cabanas, lounge chairs and even lounge beds.


At night, they light these fire pits. Jake and I enjoyed one of the many hot tubs late at night when it was nice and cool (aka in the 80’s) outside.


On Thursday evenings, the Riviera hosts a “Hot as Hell” night at the pool, inviting the locals to come for a pool party that features live entertainment at their Bikini Bar with $5 drinks.

Jake and I loved our stay at the hotel. It was truly luxurious and a beautiful property to stay at. The only thing we didn’t really get to see was the spa area, which features a waterfall pool, steam rooms and more.

Hopefully Jake and I will be back again soon for another stay to do a bit more exploring in Palm Springs!

Riviera Palm Springs
1600 North Indian Canyon Drive 
Palm Springs, CA 92262

* Disclaimer: Our one night stay was complimentary. I was not paid for this review and all opinions here are my own.

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  1. I agree about the road through the mountains to Palm Desert. It’s not for the weak of heart. I believe that a scene from The Long, Long Trailer starring Lucille Ball was filmed at the peak of the mountain.

    What a gorgeous hotel!

  2. That hotel looks amazing! We’ve never been out in that area, but if we ever do, this would be a hotel to consider (if we could afford it).

    @darlene – omg, i remember that movie!!! i love trivia like that!

    1. Hi CC – The rates are in the $100 range during the summer, a bit more when it’s cooler. I think we might try and re-visit in the fall!

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