san diego fair treats

I love the fair.

The start of the fair in June is the start of summer. It’s also the start of corn on the cob, fresh basil and tomatoes in the garden, and totally fried totally bad for you fair food. I love it!

This year I got to enjoy the fair with Jake, our friend from Tampa, Chris, and Jake’s son, T. We visited the fair last week to catch one of our favorite comedians, Gabriel Iglesias, on stage. He was hilarious and well worth the price of admission. And of course, I can’t go to the fair without trying out and eating a bunch of crazy fair foods. Here’s my recap for this year!

[Deep Fried Snickers / Deep Fried Reese’s]

Christopher (I like to call him by his full name since it amuses me) wanted to try out some deep fried candy bars since he’d never had one before. We got a deep fried snickers and a deep fried reese’s.

This is the innards of a deep fried Reese’s. I preferred this one, just because I like peanut butter that much more than Snickers. Both are coated in a sweet batter. It kinda looks like this Reese’s was undercooked from that goo there, but I didn’t notice it at all. The candy just melts and gets all gooey inside. It’s pretty darn good.

[Orange Julius]

Jake and Chris both got Orange Julius.

I might be one of the only people who doesn’t really like Orange Julius.

I don’t know why. I don’t really care for any orange flavored drink – except for orange juice. No pulp, please.

[Chocolate Covered Bacon]

Keeping the sweet theme going, Chris got a batch of the Chocolate Covered Bacon for us to share. They use dark chocolate on the bacon which is a bit of a turn off for me. I was also expecting the bacon to be crunchier than it was, but I guess if it’s refrigerated then it won’t ever be crunchy. I was imagining something more sweet and salty like, but it was just okay. It was a little chewy but not terrible. I would preferred milk chocolate though. Maybe I’m weird like that.

[Bacon wrapped turkey leg]

I didn’t eat this.

I just like the photo.

Bacon wrapped turkey leg, aww yeah.

[Gouda Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms]

This is one of the new fair items. These babies are grilled with a nice, smokey flavor from all of that bacon. The gouda has sort of oozed out of the mushrooms but there’s still a bit there. The bacon has a nice char, as well as the mushrooms. The mushrooms are super juicy and flavorful at this point, making them super delicious.

The only crappy thing is that this only comes as a plate – you have to get it with fries, adding to the price tag of the dish.

But it was worth it and I ate a handful of the fries so they weren’t a total waste, but my focus was on the tasty mushrooms.

[Date Shake]

This date shake was akin to the shake’s of the past at the fair – totally chock full of beautiful dates.

If you like chewing your shake like I do, then you’ll love this! I can never pass up on this, even though I never finish it. I just haven’t seen them anywhere else (besides Dateland) so I get one every year.

[Maui Chicken]

This is one of the items Jake really wanted to try. It’s Maui Chicken – basically a grilled chicken with pineapples and steamed white rice served in a pineapple bowl. I liked the idea and concept – and I liked that Chicken Charlie’s was offering up some more healthier options – but I wasn’t too into this one. I didn’t care for the Maui Chicken – mostly it just tasted like char to me.


I went to the Gingerbread House.

The cute pink house that I never want to pass up.

They had “Butter Beer”. Their version of the butterbeer from Harry Potter. I couldn’t pass it up! But actually, after one sip, I did pass it up. It was god-awful sweet. You probably shouldn’t drink this if you’re over the age of sixteen. It’s basically the sweetest butterscotch soda you can possibly imagine.

No wait, it’s even sweeter than that. Ugh!

[Cookie Dough on a Stick]

I washed that down with cookie dough on a stick.

Yeah, that didn’t really make any sense. It’s okay.

It’s literally just cookie dough with a bit of chocolate on top with some colorful sprinkles.

I wonder, if I had taken it home, could I have baked it?

Damn, I kind of wish I had done that now. It’s pretty large for a ball of cookie dough. I didn’t quite finish it, but it was good. Tastes just like you’d imagine.

Yay, I love the fair! Also, this picture makes me giggle a little:



3 thoughts on “san diego fair treats

  1. Sounds like you guys got to try a lot of good stuff this year! Oh, if I knew about the Butter Beer, I would have gotten that! We went on Friday. TC had the chocolate covered corn dog (very messy)!

    1. Hi CC – Hmm, I was thinking about a chocolate covered corn dog, but we didn’t see them so I forgot about it. There’s more stuff I would have liked to try but we didn’t have a ton of time so I did the best I could, haha!

  2. I love the fair, too! We ended up going twice this year, so we were able to cram lots of food in. I think the bacon wrapped mushrooms were one of my favorites this year. We also tried the deep-fried PB&J, which was admittedly better than I expected. I think it was the warm, gooey peanut butter encased in fried bread that did it for me.

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