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For your birthday, Rubio’s offers up to $7 off the cost of your meal for your birthday. It’s a good free birthday food deal and one of the deals that has not changed as the years have passed. Kudos to you, Rubio’s!

In year’s past I usually get some kind of shrimp taco for my meal. But a quick look over of the menu showed me getting what I’ve had before would put me past the $7 limit and I wanted to stay under budget and not spend any extra money on this meal.

[Baja Grill Chicken Burrito]

I opted to get the Baja Grill Chicken Burrito (steak also available) for $5.99. Plus tax this kept me safely under the $7 mark and I didn’t have to spend an extra dime. The burrito came with a side of chips plus access to their salsa bar.

I cut the burrito in half to see the inner burrito workings – Grilled chicken, guacamole, cheddar cheese and salsa fresca. The chicken in the burrito was just okay – nothing really special but it wasn’t terrible. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten the Burrito Especial for the same price and it came with black beans, rice, sour cream and a chipotle sauce. The Baja Grill burrito was kind of lacking something in my mind – another element of flavor that could have brought it over the top.

But, in any case, it was a decent meal that was totally paid for just cause it’s my birthday. Can’t complain tooooo much, right?

Get your free birthday meal from Rubio’s Beach Club.

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3 thoughts on “rubios – free birthday food / san diego, ca

  1. hi mary – when i used my bday thing at rubio’s, i was conscientous of trying not to go over the $7 limit, but the girl told me i could order whatever i wanted. Wut? i wish she had told me that before I only ordered 4 fish tacos (I was with TC). i was expecting to pay the difference but she didn’t charge me. i hope she’s there again in april! ha ha.

    1. Ooo that’s nice! Score for you! My guy knew the coupon and told me it was good for $7. I hope that girl is there again for your sake, too! 🙂

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