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For this post, I’m only posting about the free portion. I fully intended to go to Islands, get a bowl of soup and my free birthday dessert and that was it. But I was tempted and got a chicken sandwich and fries instead. Oh well.

My waiter didn’t even take the printed out coupon I brought. He told me I could keep it and use it later and just told the staff that it was my birthday and got me the dessert. No candles or singing, either. Score.

[Chocolate Lava – Fudge brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, roasted almonds & a cherry]

The retail price on one of these suckers is $5.99. Not too bad. Way too much for one person to eat. I think my eyes might have popped out of my sockets when my waiter placed it down before me. The first few bites were heavenly – very warm and tasty. Their brownie is fudgy and gooey and with the chocolate frosting on top, it makes it totally decadent. I ate a little less than half before pushing all the ice cream off, drying it off with a napkin and taking it home for later.

It doesn’t seem like it’s necessary to sign up for this, but you can by joining the Islands Tiki Link for a free dessert for your birthday.

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  1. Birthday desserts are the best! Pretty awesome that the waiter let you keep the coupon to reuse it! Good idea pocketing the brownie to finish later. I think I would order desserts more often if restaurants made them smaller (and reduced their price!). It’s not often that I can finish a restaurant meal and also have dessert, even when I’m sharing the dessert.

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