Sunnyboy Biscuit Company

Hello from your host here at This Tasty Life. I decided to post. Wow!

We don’t go out to eat tooooooo much these days, but one recent little trip involved breakfast at the Sunnyboy Biscuit Company in Hillcrest. 

Sunnyboy Biscuit Company in San Diego

Sunnyboy Biscuit Company has a good amount of outdoor seating. I made Jake go inside to order after we perused the menu.

Sunnyboy Biscuit Company Menu

Breakfast at Sunnyboy Biscuit Company

Our breakfast from overhead. 

Swell Soda

Jake got this Swell “COLAfornia” – a brewed soda made here in San Diego. I don’t usually like soda but this one had a good flavor and wasn’t insanely sweet. I approve. 


This is our new puppy. My beloved Maya passed away on June 15th and I was completely heartbroken. I still am, actually. But our new puppy, Bucky (named after Bucky Barnes from the Marvel movies), has shone some light into our lives. He’s a rescue dog that we adopted from Amazing Strays in August. He was found in a box outside of a grocery store in Mexicali and luckily was taken in by this amazing group before we found him. 

Chicken Fried Steak with Mushroom Gravy at Sunnyboy Biscuit Company

Now onto the food!

One item we definitely wanted to try (since Jake and I try it everywhere) was their chicken fried steak. Jake got a side of mushroom gravy for me to try since he’s a mushroom hater. The mushroom gravy was excellent with a lovely amount of mushrooms swimming around in the luscious gravy. I slightly preferred the sausage gravy over the mushroom gravy, but both are really good choices.

Steak inside

I wanted to show that this was made with a good cut of steak and breaded with a very crunchy coating. Very tender and good flavor on the crust. 

Biscuits and Gravy - Sunnyboy Biscuit Company

Biscuits were why I wanted to come to Sunnyboy Biscuit Company and they did not disappoint! The biscuits held up very well to the gravy. I let Jake eat the eggs because I’m not in an eggy mood these days but that sausage gravy was fantastic. The perfect thickness, good seasoning, and held on well to the fluffy biscuits (which had a nice crisp edge to them). Would eat again.

Smashed Potato Cake

A smashed potato patty sounded great to me but in the end I didn’t love it. I wished it had a bit more seasoning or some herbs in it or something. Maybe I should have covered it in gravy…. hmmm.


I don’t remember what this was called since it was on the menu since it was a seasonal offering, but this was basically made with biscuit dough, peaches, a lot of cinnamon, and lovely little glaze. It all worked so well together. Good bits of gooey cinnamon, the glaze which wasn’t overpowering, and the fresh juicy peaches paired with the crunchy biscuit dough made for a stellar dessert. 

Sunnyboy Biscuit Company is a great little place to stop by for pickup or to dine at one of their outdoor tables. I’m sure I’ll have another biscuits and gravy craving and would not mind coming here again! 

Sunnyboy Biscuit Company
3749 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103
7AM – 2PM

4 thoughts on “Sunnyboy Biscuit Company

  1. Cool find! I haven’t had a chicken fried steak in Forever! That used to be a butcher shop but before that it was a record store. Seems to have a lot of turnover. The peach dessert sounds good too. Your dog Bucky is adorable!

    1. Hi CC – Same! I hadn’t had chicken fried steak in awhile either so this was a yummy version to try out with the different kinds of gravy. Interesting to know it used to be a butcher shop and a record store – so different! Bucky is great 🙂

  2. So nice to read your new post! So sorry for your loss with Maya’s passing. She was such a cutie! Bucky is adorable. I’m glad you were able to open your heart to a new fur-baby. It can be tough after a loss, but also very worth it! Hope you get to post again soon.

    1. Hi Dianne – Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I still really miss Maya but Bucky has been a true blessing to us. It felt like I was taking on a new dog too soon at first, but he’s really made our lives so much better. Thanks!

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