Dinner at California Fish Grill

Sometimes I will still eat out while I’m on my new food journey! And I have to figure out what I’m going to eat when I do. I had plans for dinner and movie (Downton Abbey with Laura) and I suggested we check out a new spot that just opened in Mira Mesa called the California Fish Grill. I, naturally, studied the menu before we went and found a few things I could try out here. Plenty of veggie side dishes, too, which I really appreciated.

I think I’m getting rusty since I took no menu photos and no exterior shots. Sheesh.

I did take a photo of the “Flavor Bar” which is really just a condiment bar with a slightly fancier name attached to it.

Flavor Bar at California Fish Grill


I got one side of the cocktail sauce. Plus some lemons and cilantro.

Sauces and Condiments

I wasn’t interested in any salsas. But I did get a little cup of the tarter sauce.

Seafood Dinner at California Fish Grill - San Diego, CA

California Fish Grill has a very nice outdoor patio for seating. It was a pleasant evening, the sun was low on the horizon, and it was perfect conditions for eating outdoors.

They have a pretty large menu here so I would recommend at least looking at it before you go. I noticed that mostly people came in, grabbed a menu, and then stared at it for awhile trying to figure out what they wanted from this massive menu. There are a few seasonal items in store, too. 

Sea Scallops

Laura decided to go with the Sea Scallops plate [$13.99] which came with two sides. She got the zucchini and the sweet potato fries. I swapped her a scallop for a shrimp. The scallops were on the sweeter side but I think they could have been seared just a bit longer. 

Calamari at California Fish Grill - San Diego, CA

Laura and I shared the Breaded Calamari [$5.29]. I’m not normally a fan of calamari in this “stick” form – I much prefer the more natural, organic variety where you get the tentacles and everything – but these weren’t terrible. They kind of reminded me of a much firmer fish stick. These are the “safe” kind of calamari that don’t make you think of crazy sea creatures. Not sure if I’d order them again, but I wouldn’t refuse them if they were at the table. 

Butter Sauce with Grilled Shrimp - California Fish Grill

I had my mind set on the Giant Shrimp! California Fish Grill offers four different sauces to top your seafood – garlic butter, cajun style, peri peri sauce, or seasoned olive oil. Garlic butter alllllllllll the way for this girl! 

I’m sure another sauce might have been “healthier” but it was damn tasty and I really enjoyed it! 

I also liked the seasoning they put on the grilled zucchini. I wish there had been, say, at least two slices of zucchini, but that’s okay. It was fresh, nicely grilled, well seasoned, and excellent with my giant shrimp. 

Kale Slaw

For my second side, I opted to go for the kale slaw. I ALMOST went with french fries but a little tingle in the back of my mind say, “Oh… try the kale.” And normally I am not a fan of “slaw” anything but this was really yummy! It’s not too heavy on the dressing, there’s a slight sweetness mixed with some tang, and overall it was light and crunchy. I quite enjoyed it and I didn’t feel “blehhh” after eating it like I would have had I gotten the french fries… best of all, there was no guilt in eating any of this meal. I ate just enough, I enjoyed all of my vegetables and I loved my giant shrimp! 

I was really happy to see the variety of side options here at California Fish Grill which included a variety of vegetable sides. A lot of places seem to just offer a “side salad” or french fries or something but kudos to them for the fresh and lighter options!

California Fish Grill
8285 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126

6 thoughts on “Dinner at California Fish Grill

  1. I want to try this place so bad. The grilled shrimp looks yums. Hopefully it wasn’t too hard to peel from shell. How were the prices for the plates?

    1. It was easy getting the shrimp off the shell! These plates were both $13.99 though the sweet potato fried had an upcharge. The fish plates are a bit cheaper!

  2. I’ve been to the one in Mission Valley with my sister. It is one of her favorite places. They have a lot of healthy choices. As for that calamari – sorry, but no bueno. Stick form looks so bland and boring. Give me dem tentacles! I want to know that I’m eating a sea creature, ha ha! But seriously, that could be anything underneath that breading

    1. Yeah, I think I just really wanted calamari but this wasn’t the best. haha yessss tentacles!! I love the shrimp though and surprisingly the kale slaw!

  3. Hmm maybe I should meet D for lunch here. We had the sea bass last time and it was pretty darn delicious. Not a fan of the brussel sprouts upgrade though

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