No Coffee Day

I decided to not have coffee today. I wanted to see how hungry I would feel if I didn’t have coffee. Coffee can suppress the appetite and I wanted to see if it felt any different than yesterday!

And I did get hungry, around 8am. Sometimes I would drink coffee and not eat breakfast at all, choosing to skip it and just wait for lunch instead. But today I wanted to see what my body was telling me so I could feed it, if necessary. And yup, I was definitely hungry.

I had a lavash bread (whole wheat and it has no sugar in it!) with some melted cheeses and an egg. On the side I had some cut up baby tomatoes and a pear. I don’t think I had enough protein though because I got hungry again at about 10:30, so I had lunch.

I cooked some LARGE and in charge shrimp in the little oven at work with a little canola/butter and some garlic. I had raw veggies on the side. I also totally ate a nutter butter cookie. Two actually. I think I really only needed one though since I got that weird sugar spikey feeling after having the second cookie. I didn’t want to feel bad or guilty for eating that cookie. But I did with the second one. But I felt good about my other two meals. I had plenty of water to help me get up and stretch my legs multiple times today. AND I successfully completed a website build at work today that I was having trouble with earlier in the week.

I have no idea how dinner is going to go since we have a meeting tonight. We will probably end up going out to eat and I’m a little apprehensive about making the right decisions. But I’m in control, right?! YES!

I saw this post in my Instagram feed today.


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I’m doing what I can with what I have and that is good enough. ??

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It was for mental health awareness day, but it really spoke to me. My journey will be a mental one as well as physical and I have so much to learn!

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