Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes + A Visit to Pete’s Seafood

Hello, friends! I’m here today to share two things: a yummy, delicious invitation to Pete’s Seafood in North Park AND some wedding stuff. Heehee. The wedding stuff is first, so if you’re not interested, just scroll on down to see the seafood goodness below!

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

The very first thing I bought after Jake and I got engaged were Bridesmaid Proposal Cards! I had a $10 credit on Etsy that I had to use before it expired on December 31, and an easy thing to buy were these Bridesmaid Proposal Cards. I didn’t really know what else I need at that point since we had only been engaged a few days, but proposal cards seemed like a safe bet.

These were… very me. They made me laugh as soon as I saw them! I purchased these awesome cards from Firefly Paper Studio on Etsy. Here’s a direct link if you love it! The cards are $3.99 each so I saved a bit with my $10 Etsy coupon!

I added a couple of details to the inside of the card with some letter stamps. They actually make “Will you be my maid of honor?” cards but I didn’t think that far ahead and only bought “bridesmaid” ones, so two cards got the addition of “maid of honor” and “matron of honor” at the bottom! 

They had envelopes in green, too, my favorite color! Each bridesmaid got their name stamped on the front along with a sticker.

For the boxes that held the donuts, I picked up these boxes at Daiso. They look like mini shipping crates! 

And again… they’re green… so win win. The boxes are $1.50 each.

I purchased either twist or bar donuts for the proposal boxes since they fit the length of the box perfectly. I picked up the donuts at Donut Stop in Mira Mesa. They were all under $1. I put the donuts into a cellophane bag to protect them and gifted them to each of my bridesmaid. They all said yes! 

Pete’s Seafood & Sandwich – North Park – San Diego, CA

One bridesmaid proposal actually happened during our visit to Pete’s Seafood & Sandwich in North Park! Laura is my seafood buddy and we had already scheduled a visit, courtesy of Pete’s Seafood. Jake isn’t much of a seafood eater (he will eat fish & chips but that’s about it) so it was great that Laura was able to join us and help me eat seafood! 

Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

Pete’s Seafood is a New England style seafood restaurant but they have plenty of non-seafood items, too.

Menu - Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

There’s a good variety of things to eat here at Pete’s Seafood so your non-seafood friends can still join you for a meal.

Seafood Lunch at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

An overhead shot of our delicious meal! 

Buffalo Wings at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

Jake wanted Buffalo Wings [$9]. So I got him buffalo wings. I only ate part of one since I was saving myself for seafood. The wing had a nice crunch on the exterior but I did find the sauce to be a bit more on the vinegary side. It was fine once dipped into some ranch though. They were a tad spicy, but nothing too terrible for my palate. The wings were juicy and meaty, too, which was a plus.

Jake eating wings at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

Jake seemed to enjoy them quite a bit!

Double Chicken Parmesan Sandwich - Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

Jake chose the Double Parm [$11] as his main meal. This sandwich has chicken parmesan, marinara sauce, and a quarter pound of fresh sliced mozzarella oozing out of it!

Waterfall of Cheese! Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

You can see the difference here with that waterfall of mozzarella oozing out of the sandwich. The chicken parm itself is really nicely done – it’s tender, crispy, and the marinara adds a ton of flavor along with that oozy mozzarella cheese! It’s also stacked HIGH so there’s a lot of chicken in this sandwich. Jake really loved it and enjoyed the flavors. It tasted very much like a chicken parm sandwich that you’d get on the east coast.

Fish and Chips at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

We also felt we HAD to try the Fish & Chips [$14] here. Normally the fish is cod but for an extra $1, you can get haddock. We asked what the recommendation was and it was for sure the haddock. 

Flaky Fish at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

I am not a fish & chips person, so this still tasty pretty fishy to me. Laura and Jake liked it though and Jake commented he liked how flaky it was and that it didn’t taste fishy to him at all (funny, maybe I’m just sensitive to it). 

Lobster Roll at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

I was super excited to try their Lobster Roll [$18]. They use Maine lobster, served cold, with a touch of mayo. And it’s literally just a touch! You can barely see any mayo on this sandwich and the lobster meat is kept in whole chunks so the flavor really shines through. Generally I prefer the “Connecticut” style where it’s served warm with butter, but this version at Pete’s has me reconsidering which style is my favorite! I loved the huge chunks of lobster and that they really don’t fuss with it too much. The bun is perfect – soft and slightly grilled. YUM.

Whole Belly Fried Clams at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

As much as I loved the lobster roll, my hands down favorite item of the day here at Pete’s Seafood was the Ipswich Clams & Chips plate [$17]. They use whole belly clams from Ipswich which are MY FAVORITE. Whole belly clams are the only way to go. Don’t eat clam strips. Those suckers have no flavor – it’s allllllllll in the belly! 

These clams were AWESOME and took me back to the times I’ve had them on the east coast. The whole belly clams have a nice sweetness to them that I love and the flavor isn’t bogged down by too much coating. They let the flavor shine through and these little suckers were crazy good. Laura hadn’t tried them before and she said they were her favorite, too!

I think the only thing we didn’t enjoy were the fries – they were just okay. Some fries seemed a little undercooked and after awhile I just didn’t eat more of them since they were just meh for fries.

Side salad at Pete's Seafood - North Park - San Diego, CA

Oh! We also had a side dish. This tomato-bean-corn salad thing. It was yummy. Also it was full of vegetables that we were otherwise lacking in our meal. Hah.

Maya was also with us! We sat outside on a coldish day, but there was a little bit of sun at least. Maya has a little doggie sweater on because I had to cut her fur in January and she was shivering all the time. Now she has a sweater to keep her warm!

She tried the chicken parm sandwich, too.

She approved.

She was starting to shiver a little bit despite her sweater so Jake tucked her into his shirt for awhile. So sweet.

All in all, Pete’s Seafood is a winner! I would totally come back just for the whole belly clams and not share them with anyone (unless they really wanted to) because damn they were so delicious! 

Thanks to Pete’s Seafood for the extra delicious invitation!

Pete’s Seafood & Sandwich
3382 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine at Pete’s Seafood & Sandwich on behalf of Pete’s. Our meal was complimentary and I was not further compensated for this post. All opinions stated here are my own.

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  1. Mary I love your bridesmaid invitations, so unique and so you and so much fun!
    The seafood looks as good as we get here in Massachusetts and in Maine. I’m with you on the whole belly clams, they are the best!?

    1. Thanks!! I loved the shipping crate boxes so much! And yessss you must try the clams! Not many places in town have them and they’re a good price here.

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