Pinto’s Pizza Cones Truck

Last weekend Jacob and I were wandering around at Kobey’s Swap Meet and I happened to spy a food truck in the corner named Pinto’s Pizza Cones. I said to Jake, “I wonder what a pizza cone is.” and we wandered over to take a look.

Pinto's Pizza Cones Menu - San Diego, CA

Here’s a look at the menu for Pinto’s Pizza Cones. A full sized pizza cone is equal to two slices of pizza while a mini pizza cone is equal to about one slice of pizza. We were intrigued and so Jake bought us a cone.

Maya at the Swap Meet

It was over in the north west corner at Kobey’s. We were only over in this section in search of water (which we got from the Mini Donut/Corn Dog stand) for little Maya who was panting like crazy. While we ordered and waited for our pizza cone, Maya hid out underneath the food truck. It was shady under there.

Pizza Cone at Pinto's Pizza Cones in San Diego, CA

The crust on the pizza cone firmly holds it all together. You can see the cone has got herbs all over it which enhanced the flavor of the crust for me. It’s crunchy but not too brittle or overcooked. It still has a slight chew but it’s crunchier than a normal pizza slice. Plus you get more crust! And I like crust, so that’s a winner for me.

Sausage Pizza Cone at Pinto's Pizza Cones - San Diego, CA

The inside filling is a gooey mass of cheese mixed with tomato sauce and your filler of choice. Our pizza cone had large chunks of sausage within the cone’s cheesy cavern. The red sauce is kind of mixed in with the cheese so you never get hunks of sauce – just saucy cheese with bits of meat. It was easy to carry around – not super hot to the touch but the napkins are recommended. The pizza cone didn’t fall apart which I was afraid of, but it stayed in tact the entire time we ate it. I was surprised how flavorful the crust was and it worked great with the gooey cheese and sausage! 

Pinto’s Pizza Cones are currently setting up shop every Saturday and Sunday at Kobey’s Swap Meet. If you go to Kobey’s, be sure to check in on Yelp for a $1 off admission. 

Pinto’s Pizza Cones

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    1. Hi Lynn! On their menu it states that a mini cone is equal to one slice of pizza and a regular sized cone is equal to two slices of pizza. I had actually already eaten by the time we had this so it was the perfect size to share. I found it pretty filling!

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