Point Loma Fish Shop

Recently I was invited to check out Point Loma Fish Shop, the latest location of the Fish Shop restaurants (there are three others in Pacific Beach, Encinitas, and Hermosa Beach).

Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

Point Loma Fish Shop is located right off Rosecrans at Canon Street. This used to be the West Side Tap House which I visited for San Diego Burger Week last year, which was then renovated to Hollow Point Ale House and is now Point Loma Fish Shop. Phew! A lot of changes! 

They have a dog friendly patio (as long as your dog follows the rules!) but currently there are no umbrellas to shade the patio. Hopefully they fix that soon because the sun will be brutal in the coming months.

Menu at Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

There are two ways to order here at the Point Loma Fish Shop. You can “Choose Your Own Adventure” and pick a fish, marinade, and style.

Menu at Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

Or you can pick a dish that requires less planning on your part. My friend Laura and I did a mix of the two! 

Fish Shop Shrimp - Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

We were encouraged to try the Fish Shop Shrimp [$11] and well… I can never say no to shrimp! These plump and hearty shrimp are marinated in a special Fish Shop seasoning and then sauteed and served with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce. I squeezed fresh lemon on top for a nice kick of flavor. These shrimp were DIVINE. I loved how juicy and plump the shrimp were and that Fish Shop seasoning is FANTASTIC! It’s a cajun dry rub that has a little mix of brown sugar to give the seasoning a sweet and spicy flavor that I really enjoyed. I didn’t even think it needed the dipping sauce – I liked these babies on their own! I would definitely order this again and not want to share it with anyone. Muhahaha.

Clam Chowder - Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

We also got a bowl of Point Loma Fish Shop’s Clam Chowder [$8]. You can also get a cup for $5 or get this in a bread bowl for $10.50. 

The soup was quite creamy but I wished there was more “stuff” in it. More clams, more potatoes… more stuff!  

TKO Taco - Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

Another recommended item was the TKO Taco [$5.50]. This pretty taco has grilled Mahi mahi marinated with Fish Shop seasoning and is topped off with shredded cabbage, cheese, a house cilantro white sauce and a tropical salsa. You get a choice of either a flour or corn tortilla – we went with corn.

I quite enjoyed the refreshing tropical salsa on top of the soft, flaky grilled fish. It’s kind of hard to see the fish under there, but you can see it peeking off on the left. The cilantro white sauce added a burst of fresh flavor to the taco as well. Quite tasty!

Slipper Lobster Taco - Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

I noticed they have lobster on the menu… slipper lobster, that is! I wasn’t quite sure what slipper lobster was but after trying this taco I can say that it is tasty! The slipper lobster is only available as a taco for $5.50.

We got the slipper taco with garlic butter and when it arrived I had to poke around in the taco to find it and stick it on top. It looked a lot more like shrimp than the traditional fleshy red lobster that we’re used to eating and also has a similar texture to shrimp.. Wikipedia told me that slipper lobsters are not true lobsters but are closely related to spiny lobsters. Well whatever they are, I can attest to the fact that they taste pretty good. I kind of wish there was less cabbage/pico/etc so I could get a better taste for it though.

Sea Bass - Point Loma Fish Shop - San Diego, CA

The last dish that Laura and I shared with a plate of Sea Bass with Fish Shop seasoning [$23.50]. It comes with two sides and we opted for seasonal veggies and mixed grain rice. Sea Bass is one of my favorite fishes. I tend to not really eat a lot of fish but prefer shellfish like shrimp, clams, mussels, and lobster instead. I was excited to see what their sea bass would be like! 

The Fish Shop seasoning is really, really good. It has this perfect mix of a salty-spicy blend that keeps your senses on your toes. The sea bass was so tender and flaky and not fishy at all. I really enjoyed it! The veggies had a nice light seasoning on them and the mixed grain rice was quite yummy as well. All around an excellent plate of food.

Laura and I quite enjoyed our dishes at the Point Loma Fish Shop. I tell you I might be in love with their Fish Shop seasoning – it is crazy good! I’d love to bring Jake here and him try some fish & chips so I can get my grubby little hands on more of their tasty shrimp!

Point Loma Fish Shop
(multiple locations)
1110 Rosecrans Street #100
San Diego, CA 92106
Open daily from 11A-10P

Disclaimer: I was invited by Alternative Strategies to come and check out the food at the Fish Shop. Our meal was complimentary and I was not further compensated for this post. All opinions stated here are my own.

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    1. Hi Soo!
      Both were really delicious. I lean towards the shrimp a little though since shrimp is one of my favorite things to eat!

    1. Nice! I haven’t been to the PB location – I know that place at least has a parking lot. I’ll have to come back and try more items!

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