Tommie’s Castaic Cafe

Last week we went on a road trip to San Francisco! We left early (5am) to get on the road to try and get through LA as fast as possible. After we managed that, we stopped along the way for a little bit of breakfast at a place called Tommie’s Castaic Cafe in Castaic, CA.

Tommie's Castaic Cafe

I found Tommie’s Castaic Cafe on Yelp. It was right off the 5 and easy to get to.

Tommie's Castaic Cafe

Also, there was no wait since we were the only ones in the restaurant.

Menu at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

Breakfast menu!

Menu at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

More breakfast items.

Menu at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

And a few sandwiches on the menu. There’s also dinner and burgers available but I didn’t photograph those pages for some reason. Maybe I was too hungry to concentrate. In any case, the full menu at Tommie’s is available here.

Cowboy Classic Breakfast at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

Jake and I shared the Cowboy’s Classic Breakfast [$7.69] with an Italian patty sausage as our choice of meat. My dad got the same thing.

I quite liked the sausage patty – it had Italian herbs and seasoning in it and it was griddled nicely. The hash browns were quite buttery and a little creamy on the inside. Jake choose over medium eggs. A simple but hearty breakfast. 

Pancakes at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

I also wanted a little sweet something something on the side, so Jake and I also shared one pancake [$2.25]. The pancake was cooked nicely and had an even browning. It was a little fluffy, too, and tasted just fine. 

Breakfast at Tommie's Castaic Cafe

My half of the breakfast I shared with Jake. You can see I have very little egg on my plate. I just took some of the egg white and left the rest to Jake. The food here at Tommie’s Castaic Cafe is solid – nothing fancy. Nothing that will blow your mind. Just a solid and hearty breakfast to help you get back on the road. 

San Francisco Bound

San Francisco was just on the horizon (after 5 more hours of driving, haha)!

Tommie’s Castaic Cafe
31526 Castaic Road
Castaic, CA

6 thoughts on “Tommie’s Castaic Cafe

  1. Yay, a new place to check out for our future road trips. We usually do Starbucks in Tustin (opens at 4:30 am) or Cream Pan (opens at 6 am) then Gorman. We’ve always driven past Castaic, but not next time! Chicken fried steak for me please, 🙂

    1. Hi CC – We thought briefly about going to Cream Pan but we just wanted to get through LA. We’re going to D23 this weekend, so I think we’ll have to stop at Cream Pan this time.

  2. I hear ya man! LA traffic is the worst!

    If you do Cream Pan, you can also try Tan Hoang Huang (on Newport St) – they have great VN iced coffee, banh mi, ready to go spring rolls (different kinds too) and also two kinds of pate chaud (chicken and pork, less than $1). A few doors away from THH is Kolache Factory (they make both sweet and savory kolaches). And since I know you like quirky stuff, the next strip mall up from Cream Pan has this miniature church in the middle of the parking lot.

    Have fun at D23!

    1. Oh man, how have I never known about the mini church before?!?! You know all of the cool stuff, CC. Next time we go, I’m definitely checking out the church, getting some iced coffee, and trying a kolache. Thanks for the awesome tips! Sorry I replied so late! I suck!

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