Recap of the Taste of Point Loma

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Taste of Point Loma! I won the tickets on Instagram and I took my buddy Lynn of oh-so yummy with me. I won tickets last year, too, but I was too lazy to post about it back then. I didn’t want to be lazy again.

I meant to post this last week but I found out that a friend of mine passed away and I needed a little break.

Let’s check out what the Taste of Point Loma had to offer this year. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#1 Portuguese Hall

The first stop of the Taste of Point Loma was at the Portuguese Hall. That’s where you pick up your tickets! They always have an ample amount of samples. Above is a sweet custard treat. It tasted like a mini pie. I didn’t intend to eat all of it… but well, intentions went right out the window after the first bite because it was delicious! It was creamy and dense, a little sweet, and had a great outer crust that I really enjoyed.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

I believe this was bread with cheese and jam.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

Portuguese sausage rolls (yummy, but fell apart once you bite into it).

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

My plate of samples. At the top is a little cup of octopus salad. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#2 The Brigantine

Our next stop was at the Brigantine. They had Ahi Poke Wonton Tacos. Same offering as last year. And just like last year, I gave my sample to Lynn since I don’t like tuna. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#3 Point Break Cafe

The Point Break Cafe is next to the Brigantine. They had a little pot roast and mashed potatoes sample. It was… ehhhh. Not my favorite thing. Lacked flavor and seasoning.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#4 Fiddler’s Green Restaurant

Fiddler’s Green was right across the street. They didn’t participate last year. I was quite pleased to see these tiny lobster rolls on Hawaiian bread rolls. After I gave it a squeeze of lemon, this little lobster roll was perfect! Good amount of lobster, not too much mayo or filler. Very refreshing.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#5 Miguel’s Cocina

Similar to last year, Miguel’s Cocina offered mini street tacos plus chips with their amazing queso sauce. The taco was filled with juicy barbacoa, plenty of cilantro and onions, and a green guacamole sauce. I’ve always enjoyed the queso sauce here! It’s creamy, cheesy, and not too spicy.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#6 The Wine Pub

I love the dog friendly, outdoor patio at the Wine Pub. I really need to come here more often! Their samples were Corn and Roasted Bell Pepper Chowder and Crispy Brussels Sprouts. I would have preferred the chowder without the bell pepper, personally. I find bell pepper to be kind of overpowering. The brussels sprouts are not something I enjoy but I did sample it. It tasted bitter to my poor little tongue.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#7 Supannee House of Thai

There was a little line here which is why we went to the Wine Pub first. We got our little samples of Red Curry with Chicken over Jasmine Rice and Coconut Veggie Soup. I loved the sweet-sour flavor of the coconut soup. The coconut flavor was there but not overpowering. A good balance of flavors. The red curry also had an intense flavor – both samples had a nice balance that played nicely off the tongue. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#8 Pomodoro

You could try 1 of the two offerings at Pomodoro. One was rigatoni with a meat sauce and the other was a orecchiette with pesto sauce. Lynn got the rigatoni, I got the pesto. We sampled each one. Lynn preferred the rigatoni, while I preferred the pesto. Funny how it worked out that way.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#9 The Elegant Truffle

No joke, I have tried to come back to the Elegant Truffle several times over the last year so I could get another piece of their OMG Cake. But I have been repeatedly thwarted (either they were closed that day, or had closed early on my attempts). I was quite excited to see they were on the list again with a similar set of desserts. 

The OMG cake (top) was as delicious as last year. I can’t remember what’s in that thing, but it’s definitely for chocolate lovers and I adore it. I’ve been trying to get it again for a year, man! The dark chocolate caramel candy (bottom right) got to be a little rich for me but it was quite yummy. I enjoyed the twist on the ricotta cookies this year, which were called “Sophie’s Orange Cilantro”. Last year they had lemon ricotta cookies. This twist makes me want to try adding some herbs to my lemon ricotta cookies!

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#10 Pummaro

I have been to Pummaro in the past, specifically because I remembered their pizza from the Taste of Point Loma. This little wedge of a sausage pizza was excellent. Perfect chew on that crunchy cornmeal-y crust with a little bit of delicious sausage. Definitely on my list to revisit once again. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

I found it funny that Lynn was walking around with plates of food she hadn’t gotten around to trying yet. We tended to have a bite and then we’d start walking to the next spot. I would only eat half of my samples so I would be able to try everything. Lynn would just carry everything with her and when we took breathers, she would eat all of her food! She stashed the desserts in her car and saved them for later. I did the same thing later on!

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#11 Old Venice Restaurant

I feel like this was the same offering as last year. Pasta and salad. I don’t remember this being too memorable. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#12 Seaside Pho & Grill 

They moved their samples operation to be outside which was much smoother. Last year they did it inside and it seemed to back up quickly and frustrate people. Having the samples outside made it easy breezy. I had a delicious garlicky chicken wing (still crunchy!) and a nice crispy egg roll. Both tasty options. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#13 Point Loma Living Room

We got a plateful of samples at the Point Loma Living Room! They had brownies, 4 kinds of baklava, cookies, and more to sample here. I made up a little plate and covered it with a napkin to take home and sample later. I needed more room for samples! I shared this with my folks later. The hazelnut baklava was my favorite of the bunch.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#14 Blue Wave Bar & Grill

Lynn and I drove over to Shelter Island for the next two stops. There is also a free shuttle that will take you around. When we arrived we had the place to ourselves. Then the shuttle stopped by and dropped off a bunch of people. Luckily we got to watch the chef make our fresh fish tacos. There is freshly griddled cheese on the bottom of the tortilla which was topped with a piece of fish plus some fresh mango salsa. The fish was tender and flaky and not too “fishy” tasting to me. I think this is Hiramasa fish, but I only think that because it’s on Blue Wave’s menu. 

#15 Quarterdeck at Bay Club

A few hotels down was our next stop. They had all desserts this time! One was a carrot cake.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

And the other was Chocolate Decadence Cake. I took one of each and saved them for later. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

Photo inception!

#16 Mitch’s Seafood

We managed to park on a side street and headed over to Mitch’s Seafood. Their offering was Grilled Octopus with a romesco sauce, white bean & arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette. I pretty much just ate the octopus and tossed the rest since I find arugula to be bitter. The octopus was very tender and had a nice herby sauce on top. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#17 Eat at The Pearl

We hopped on the shuttle to get to the Pearl. Killing me with the brussels sprouts again. GEEZ. I did eat a couple of leaves, which was crispy and crunchy and didn’t taste like bitter ass medicine, but mostly I just ate the bacon. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

The Pearl was also the only stop that offered alcoholic beverages. This is the “Swan Dive” with grapefruit vodka, lemon, cherry bitters, and sparkling rose. Yum.

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#18 Sushi Lounge

This was sashimi something something. I don’t remember. I gave it to Lynn. She said it was spicy. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

#19 Tech Outfitters 

Our final stop was at Tech Outfitters, which was a last minute addition to the Taste of Point Loma. I had to pencil them in! They had a variety of beverages to sample. This was a rose lemonade which was quite nice. Not heavy on the rose flavor, very light. 

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

And Cold Brew Coffee! Yum!

Taste of Point Loma | San Diego, CA

They also had a couple of little cake samples, which I actually did eat since it was our last stop. They have some interesting drinks on their menu, such as a Red Velvet Mocha, the Rose Petal Latte, and the Lavender White Mocha. I’d like to come back and try these creative sounding drinks!

Lynn and I were able to hit every spot this year at the Taste of Point Loma – woohoo! We even finished about 45 minutes before the event ended! I felt we did a good route and avoided the majority of any lines or crowds. We never had to wait more than a few minutes for anything which was nice. I recommend trying to hit up the Taste of Point Loma next year!

6 thoughts on “Recap of the Taste of Point Loma

  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Mary. Sending internet hugs your way! Also, this looks like a fun event! The OMG cake looks like something that I’d love – I should put it on my list for a future San Diego visit 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jinxi, I appreciate it! Yeah when you come back for a visit you should try that OMG cake – it’s really tasty!!

  2. thanks for taking me again this year. your pictures are so awesome that i’m reliving the experience! I thought the trolleys would be troublesome to use because of long wait times but they seemed very efficient. next time i’d be down to trolley around instead of driving. =D

    1. You are very welcome! I also through the trolley/shuttle would be cumbersome but it’s good to know that it works out well. We’ll have to use it instead of driving in the future, though it was kind of nice getting in front of the mini crowds.

  3. You and Lynn had some great food from the looks of this! I love Supannee House of Thai (their Thai sausage); haven’ tried those soups so that will be on my list. Glad you got to try Tech Outfitters. I recently tried the rose latte and it wasn’t so bad, considering I normally don’t like floral flavors. The OMG cake from The Elegant Truffle is amazing, along with their handmade caramels. Lots of great choices for this event. I want to check it out next year. 🙂

    1. Hi CC – Yes we did try some good things! It’s a good event to check out, and I’ve discovered a few good restaurants from this Taste of event. I need to get that OMG Cake again!

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