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Over in Miramar there’s a new-ish spot called LouZiana Food that serves up some mighty fine cajun eats. This post used to be NY on Rye (which reverted back to just being a food truck) as well as numerous other deli’s in the past. Hopefully LouZiana Food sticks and stays here!

LouZiana Food | San Diego, CA

They have plenty of seating inside and a few tables outside if you’d like to enjoy a little bit of sunshine.

Cajun Seasoning at LouZiana Food | San Diego, CA

They also have their own cajun seasoning if you want a little extra spice with your food!

Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich at LouZiana Food | San Diego, CA

On my first visit I decided to check out the Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich [$10.25]. The po boy sandwiches are served on a french baguette with remoulade sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. You get a generous portion of fried shrimp in the sandwich. I added a side of fries for $2.75 and this was more than enough food. I couldn’t even finish the fries! The shrimp were nice and plump and had a good flavor. The bread was a bit meh to me though. It was a little too chewy and the bread was served cold (untoasted). The fries were fresh out of the fryer and were quite tasty. They got a little spicy for me with that cajun seasoning on top but I still enjoyed them.

Shrimp and Catfish Platter at LouZiana Food | San Diego, CA

On my second visit I got the Shrimp and Catfish Platter [$12.05]. I figured since I wasn’t crazy about the bread then the way to go would be to get a platter. This one was perfect since it came with half shrimp and half catfish nuggets. It also comes with cajun fries and is quite a lot of food! The remoulade sauce comes on the side for dipping. The shrimp were tasty but what I really liked was the little pieces of catfish! The catfish was nice and sweet with a little crunchy batter on them. I liked this dish so much that I came back in the following week and ordered the exact same thing instead of trying something new. I get so full after eating this though that I haven’t had a chance to try their beignets yet, but I’m hoping to soon! 

LouZiana Food is a nice addition to the mix of restaurants in the Miramar area. It’s a little different from the other restaurant offerings and they have a good mix of seafood and other Louisiana staples for you to try.

LouZiana Food
7128 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92121

6 thoughts on “LouZiana Food

  1. Thank You Mary!

    I just stumbled upon your delicious blog and review. I am delighted that you enjoy LouZiana Food! I really love sharing our South Louisiana version of light, quick frying with our San Diego community, Louisianans and other guests from all over the world. It’s the light dusting of corn flour and our LouZiana Food Seasoning, combined with our quick-frying technique, that gives the catfish (that you enjoy so much – thank you!), our shrimp, crawfish cakes and crab cakes that light, crisp, flavor!

    I sincerely hope that in the time since you posted this blog, that you have found the opportunity to try more menu items …. and of course the beignets, with cafe au lait!

    I am forwarding your post to my husband Pete, our Executive Chef Rick Huffman and our LouZiana Food Krewe. Hope to see you again soon. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your readers!

    – Pam Terrebonne from LouZiana Food

    1. Thank you for your nice reply, Pam! I have been back several times but I admit… Usually I stick to shrimp or catfish – my favorites! I’ll sure to be back in again soon! Thank you!

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