Here’s a short and sweet post to round out Thanksgiving week – I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Jake, T, and I were up in the Convoy area recently because I made Jake try Facing East Noodle & Bar (follow up review coming soon). After our lunch I wanted to hit up Boba Bar and Desserts. It was realllllllly close by. We could have walked over to it from where we were at but considering there’s a security guard in this lot watching everyone like a hawk, we decided to drive and re-park.

Boba Bar and Desserts has two locations – one is inside Zion Market. We visited the location on Convoy. It’s near the Kula Revolving Sushi Bar which had a huge line outside! The only spot that was open was a 10 minute parking spot. We made due.


Here’s the inside of the shop. 


This is a shorter version of the menu that’s near the front door.


And here’s the full menu at Boba Bar and Desserts. 



We were here to specifically try the Puffles. You can order them plain or with frozen vanilla custard, Italian ice, dole whip, or a combination of custard and ice. I had a little sample of the Taro ice and it was really good! It tasted a bit like Captain Crunch Berries! 


More Italian ice flavor. League of Lemons makes me giggle. I’m sure it’s a reference to the game League of Legends which I’ve never played. 


There are lots of toppings to choose from as well. 



Strawberries in the water! Nice little detail. 


T ordered the Strawberry Cheesecake Puffle [$8] which looks quite dramatic and pretty! I remember watching the girl carefully construct this dessert. She carefully placed all of the cheesecake pieces on top and arranged it to her liking. It was like she was making a piece of dessert art. It paid off since this dessert is beautiful! 


The structure holding this together is a Puffle. A puffle is kind of like an inverse of a waffle – the pockets puff out instead of making little holes in it. Each puffle is made fresh so it’s still warm when you receive it. At Boba Bar and Desserts they have a plain flavor, strawberry, green tea, and chocolate chip puffle available.

This dessert comes with a strawberry puffle with vanilla custard, cheesecake bites, graham crackers, condensed milk drizzle, strawberry slices, and strawberry pocky sticks. The cheesecake bites were very creamy and tasted so good with the rich custard and strawberry pieces. Good choice by T! 


I decided to make my own Puffle and got a Plain Puffle with Vanilla Custard, Caramel Drizzle, and Mochi [$5.75]. The making my dessert once again carefully placed the mochi all over the custard to make it as pretty as possible. The mochi started to fall off pretty quickly though so I had to take my photos fast! 


I like that the custard isn’t drenched in caramel sauce. It’s more of an accent note to the dessert. The custard tasted wonderful with the bits of chewy mochi. I loved the plain puffle as well. It’s warm, slightly sweet, and has a nice chew to it. Even after the custard is gone, the bottom part of the puffle soaks up a bit of the custard and infuses in. It’s not too soggy and still tastes good! 

We were all pleased with our after-lunch dessert snack. I was happy to finally try out some puffles and the combination of toppings and custard were amazing! I can definitely see us revisiting this spot in the future.

Boba Bar and Desserts
4619 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 226-3903

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  1. The cone is an egg waffle, a popular Taiwanese street snack. Kirbie has an egg waffle maker. They are fun to eat but this place takes it to another level by putting ice cream it in! It looks so good!

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