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I’ve been down with a cold this week. I have mostly spent my time sleeping or watching TV. But it’s Friday and I can’t let another day go by without at least another review! Last weekend Jake and I were over in Kearny Mesa to meet up with a couple of friends. Afterwards I decided I wanted a snack and I popped into Mitsuwa to check out Marion Crepes.

Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

Marion Crepes is right at the entrance to Mitsuwa and right across from the ramen place inside the grocery store.

Menu - Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

They have sweet and savory crepes available. 

Display at Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

If you need a visual, they have it at Marion Crepes.

Ordering options at Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

You have the option to get your crepe in a to go box, a plate, or in a paper cone. 


I watched as the guy started to make a crepe. It doesn’t take very long! 


He uses a special tool to spread the batter out thinly on the hot griddle. 


Smoothing to fill in all the spaces and edges. 


And the crepe is pretty much done at this point. It sits for a few more seconds before getting filled. 

Nutella Strawberry Crepe with Cheesecake at Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

I got the Nutella and Strawberry Crepe [$5] with a side of New York Cheesecake [$0.75]. I thought maybe the cheesecake would be put on top of the crepe and melt into it but it was served on the side. Not a bad portion for 0.75 cents! 

Nutella and Strawberry Crepe at Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

The side of the crepe.

Nutella and Strawberry Crepe at Marion Crepes - San Diego, CA

Here’s a better view where you can see the swirls of warm nutella and the pieces of juicy strawberry. The crepe was nice and thin. It was pliable but the edges had a nice crispiness to it that I liked. I spread a little bit of cheesecake into my crepe as I ate it and it made it a bit creamier. I wouldn’t have minded if it they had cut up the pieces of cheesecake and spread it over the nutella, but it was fine on the side as well. A really yummy little afternoon treat!

Marion Crepes
(inside Mitsuwa Marketplace)
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd.
San Diego, CA 92111

2 thoughts on “Marion Crepes / Kearny Mesa

  1. I still have to try this place out. It used to be just a seasonal stand but now they have their own space.

    I really like their hyper realistic, plastic replicas of the crepes. Your Nutella and Strawberry crepe is calling my name, heh heh

    1. Hi CC – The plastic replicas always amuse me for some reason. I remember when it was a seasonal stand; it’s nice to see it there all the time now!

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