This Geeky Life!

I’ve been slow to advertise or showcase or really let anyone know so I figured now was the time to do it! Jake and I have started a new blog called This Geeky Life! Do you sense a theme here? Hmmm?

This Geeky Life will be our little tribute to our hobbies, collections, and other things that we do in our spare time (basically a bunch of geeky stuff). I didn’t want to take away the focus of the theme of This Tasty Life to keep showing you guys stuff about conventions or whatnot, so if you’d like to follow along on our geeky adventures, then This Geeky Life is the place to do it!

Right now I’m only posting over there once a week and I still need to get Jake to write his first post (heh). Please follow along! I’d appreciate it.


Today’s post on This Geeky Life is a recap of Comic Con Palm Springs that I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Great Shakes. Please go give it a read!

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