Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen Lunch Specials / Kearny Mesa

I’ve been to Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen quite a few times. It’s conveniently located across the street from my chiropractor. I realized I hadn’t visited in awhile and suddenly I had a craving for it. I stopped by earlier this week.

Bar Seating at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

There’s bar seating that wraps all the way around the kitchen. I always sit in this same spot on the end. The menu are already laid out, service is quick and efficient, and you can watch the chefs prepare the food.

Lunch Menu 1 at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

I noticed right away that the menu got an upgrade!

Lunch Menu 2 at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

The new menu is more nicely organized and less confusing to look at. The daily specials used to be different as well. They used to only be offered Monday through Friday with a different special each day. Now you have your pick of specials regardless of what day it is AND it’s offered all seven days of the week! I remember I’d often be very sad because the combo I wanted was available only on Wednesday and I’d usually be visiting on a Monday. Now I can get the combo whenever I want!

Here’s what the specials menu USED to look like:


[Yakitori Yakudori’s old menu from January 2013]

Lunch Menu 3 at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

And here’s the back of the menu. Looks like Happy Hour has also been expanded.


[croquette combo / $10]

Man this is a TON of food for $10 bucks! I choose the croquette combo. It’s my favorite! The old special used to be served with kimchi which I never ate. Now you get salad and rice along with the croquettes.

For the mini salad, you get your choice of either onion ponzu or sesame salt dressing. I choose sesame salt but I found it to be incredibly bitter with the salad. There wasn’t a balance of flavor with the dressing. It had a heavy tart and astringent flavor which was too overwhelming for me. A little sweetness would have made it more enjoyable. Next time I’ll try the onion ponzu.

Tonkotsu Ramen at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

[tonkotsu ramen]

With the combination, you get your choice of a small ramen. I usually get the Tonkotsu ramen since I like the BBQ pork and the flavor of the broth on this one. I wished there was a little bit more pork in the ramen. For $2 you can get 3 more pieces added but I didn’t want the extra pork that badly. I already had enough food in front of me! I like the tasty of the porky broth here. I’m no ramen expert but I find this ramen to be quite tasty.

Potato Croquettes at Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen in Kearny Mesa / San Diego, CA

[potato croquettes]

These croquettes are the real reason why I come to Yakitori Yakudori. I love these things! Imagine your favorite mashed potatoes stuffed into a crunchy, crispy, heavenly golden brown shell. The mashed potatoes are creamy, smooth, and a little bit sweet. The crust has a satisfying bite. You get multiple textures going on at once! I like to dip it in a few the sauces for a little oomph of flavor.

Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen does also serve yakitori but only for dinner! I can only imagine the combinations I’d get if they ever served it for lunch. YUM.

Yakitori Yakudori & Ramen
4898 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-2888

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    1. Hi Soo – The line for lunch usually starts just past noon. I usually hit it up right before noon and it’s pretty open.

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