Lumpia City at Mikkeller Brewery in Miramar

A little break on travel posts since they take more time and effort. Instead – let’s look at something local!

Lumpia City is a mobile lumpia truck! Well, not quite a truck, really, but that’s the best way I can describe it so you know they are always on the move. I’ve been following Lumpia City on Instagram for awhile and I finally got the chance to check them out. They can often be found setting up shop at different breweries around town.

Lumpia City

The day that I visited Lumpia City had set up shop at Mikkeller Brewery in Miramar. They were set up in the back of the brewery.

Lumpia City at Mikkeller Brewery

Here’s an outer shot so you can see them in their surroundings.

Lumpia City Menu

Stacey and I got there later in the evening since Stacey works later than I do so a number of their items were already sold out. Sigh! The only items they had left were the El Carne, the Savory Beef & Potato, and the Apple Pie lumpia.

Lumpia City Menu

I really wanted to try the Loaded Baked Potato and Mac and Cheese but I guess it’ll have to be for “future research”. 

Dog Friendly Mikkeller Brewery

Since we were at a brewery and they don’t sell food in here, Maya was able to come in and hang out in the brewery with us! Maya was pretty excited about this. I took her leash off so she could roam around the brewery and make friends with everyone. The only person she couldn’t get to pet her was the guy you can see in this photo. She kept walking across the bench over to him to try and get him to pet her, but he never did. She tried several times, too. He wasn’t mean about it and didn’t shoo her away, but he obviously didn’t want to pet her. She tried so hard!

Mikkeller Brewery

Here is a view of the bar. If you look closely, you can spy Stacey buying us beers.

Beer from Mikkeller Brewery

I already forgot the names of these beers. My beer is on the right and I liked it well enough. It was like a hefeweizen.

Maya sitting on Stacey

Maya taking over Stacey’s lap.

Lumpia City Combination Plate

[lumpia city combo – fries + 6 pieces of lumpia / $13]

They only had a few flavors left so Stacey and I each got the same plate full of lumpia. We each got the combo of six pieces of lumpia with Lumpia City fries.

The Lumpia City fries have a smoky seasoning on them plus a housemade fry sauce and a cilantro lime aioli. The two sauces were drizzled on the fries with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top. I loved the seasoning on these fries! It was a sweet-smoky flavor that reminded me of BBQ. The combination of the two sauces on top made the fries really flavorful and unique.

Lumpia from Lumpia City

The lumpia with the tomatoes in it is called the “El Carne”. The El Carne had carne asada with pico de gallo stuffed into the lumpia wrappers. It was like a mini carne asada burrito (but without the guacamole)!

The other flavor of lumpia had ground beef with potatoes that were cooked in a savory sauce. Both flavors of savory lumpia were quite tasty. The lumpia had a lovely crunchy exterior and were perfectly fried. Stacey and I both really enjoyed the lumpia but it was really weird eating the lumpia at first since we were used to lumpia tasting a specific way (ie: my mom’s lumpia). Once we got over the initial weirdness, we ended up really liking the fusion of flavors.

Lumpia closeup


Maya approved food

The french fries are doggy approved, by the way. Maya loved them!

Dutch Apple Pie Lumpia from Lumpia City

I saved the sweet Dutch Apple Pie for last. I was pretty excited to try this new dessert lumpia and I’m happy to report it did not disappoint! It reminded us of fried apple pies, like the kind you used to be able to get at McDonald’s before they started to pretend they were health conscious. The apple pie filling was soft and smooth (no chunky apple bits) and the lumpia wrapper had a great crispy crunch. The sprinkle of powdered sugar on top gave them a little extra sweetness that I liked as well. Yum!

Lumpia City rotates and goes to different bars and breweries all over town. Be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts to find out where they’ll be next!

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