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Desserts are a weakness for me (I get weak, yo) so when I was contacted about sampling cupcakes from mobile cupcakery Lil’ Miss Short Cakes I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. Luckily I didn’t because damn… these were some tasty cupcakes!

Cupcakes from Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

One of the co-owners of the mobile truck (which is a strikingly bright pink!) came by to my office to DELIVER me cupcakes. I was already in love with this place. Lil’ Miss Short Cakes doesn’t so a ton of public events where they sell their cupcakes, mostly focusing on doing private events such as a corporate events, weddings, birthdays and the like. But it’s nice to know they will bring the cupcakes right to your door for your event! 

Cupcake Samples Six Pack from Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

Don’t these cupcakes look scrumptious?! Since Lil’ Miss Short Cakes was nice enough to deliver these to my office, I brought them inside after their photoshoot to share them with a few of my co-workers. I wasn’t going to get a sugar high all by myself! I had to share the sugary love. Let’s dissect the cupcakes one by one!

PB Cuppies Cupcake - a rich milk chocolate and peanut butter cupcake by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

[pb cuppies cupcake]

This is the one flavor I requested from Lil’ Miss Short Cakes because peanut butter + chocolate is my hands down favorite flavor combination. I’m a peanut butter fiend and this cupcakes really hit the spot for my sweet tooth. You’ve got a moist milk chocolate cake as the base that has a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup baked IN THE CENTER of the cupcake and it’s topped off with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream (!!), a peanut butter drizzle and a mini peanut butter cup on top. HEAVEN. I loved the buttercream on this cupcake! It had a soft, fluffy, peanut buttery flavor and a great texture. The peanut butter drizzle gave it an extra peanutty boost that I adored. The cake itself was so moist and was just sweet enough to be paired with the salty-sweet peanut butter buttercream. 

German Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate cake and a coconut pecan german chocolate icing by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

[german chocolate cupcake]

This German Chocolate cupcake totally has glitter on the top! Not that you can really see it in my photo but I assure you – edible glitter is there and I love that extra touch of detail. It makes the cupcake feel extra special – like it got a little extra love and attention. 

The German Chocolate cupcake is a rich dutch and german chocolate cake topped off with coconut pecan german chocolate icing, drizzled with a rich, dark ganache with a glitter covered chocolate covered pecan as the topper. The chocolate cake on this one was dense and rich.  It had an almost bitter edge to it even with the thick coconut-peanut icing. The cake was less sweeter than the other flavors we sampled. The coconut-pecan icing did offset the almost-bitter cake though. This was actually my least favorite of the bunch, but I don’t like german chocolate all that much! One of my co-workers preferred this one over the others because it was less sweet – so if this is what you enjoy, then I’m sure you’ll love it!


[milk mustache cupcake]

I thought this was the most darling looking cupcake – I mean, just look at that sweet chocolate mustache on top! Under the chocolate ‘stache you’ll find a milk chocolate Oreo cake filled with Oreo cream and Oreo buttercream! What I liked is that the cookies n’ cream theme is present in every layer of the cupcake. I saw dark chocolate swirls of the cookies within the actual cake as well as within the buttercream. The cupcake was moist and had a tender crumb. There’s a big pile of frosting on top as well so you’ll be getting plenty of cookies n’ cream action as you devour this cupcake. 

[chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake]

“Cookie Dough” cupcake you may ask. INDEED. This vanilla cake has a homemade cookie BAKED into the center of the cupcake. BEHOLD:

Cookie Dough Middle of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

Okay, this is a crappy photo but at least you can see the cookie dough right there in the middle. The cookie is like a soft semi-baked cookie – you know, like when you take cookie dough, put in the toaster oven, and then underbake it so it’s this partially cooked gooey cookie mess? That is what is in the middle of these suckers! I totally had a “why did I never think of doing this before” kind of moment while munching on this cupcake. 

There’s a light vanilla bean buttercream frosting and a tiny little chocolate chip cookie on top to really seal the deal to let you know this is a cookie dough cupcake! The cake itself was incredibly moist and the whole thing as a package was a real winner. Creative, fun, and tasty! 

The Caramel by the Sea cupcakes are sea salted caramel swirled cupcakes with salted caramel sweet cream | Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

[caramel by the sea cupcake]

Caramel by the Sea is a salted caramel cupcake for the caramel lovers of the world. There’s a slight salty flavor going on in the cake and buttercream which I liked – salty sweet combination rock my world, after all. The cake on this one was a little bit more on the dry side – I noticed it wasn’t quite as moist as the other cakes but it still had a good overall flavor. The buttercream is a Madagascar Vanilla Bean buttercream with a drizzle of caramel sauce to balance out the flavors so it’s not overdoing it on the caramel flavor. The seashell chocolate is so cute on top! 

Lemon Squeeze Cupcake has got it going on with glitter and an edible white chocolate leaf by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

[lemon squeeze cupcake]


The Lemon Squeeze Cupcake by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

I oh-so-love glitter. I didn’t know if you could tell. 

The final cupcake I sampled with my co-workers was this dreamy glittery Lemon Squeeze cupcake. The lemon cake has got a ton of zing from the fresh lemon inside it and it’s topped off with a vanilla bean and lemon butter cream that was smooth, creamy, tart and just plain old delicious. The “leaf” is made with white chocolate and give the cupcake a little extra cuteness along with that sprinkle of yellow sugar and glitter. This cupcake had a nice balance of sweet and tart and I couldn’t get over how MOIST the cake was. It was dreamy. 

Stunning and Delicious Cupcakes by Lil' Miss Short Cakes | San Diego, CA

Overall I really enjoyed the cupcakes from Lil’ Miss Short Cakes. I loved the little attention to detail on the cupcakes – from the extra decorations, to the pretty piping on the frosting, and to the sprinkles of edible glitter! I bet this cupcakes are a hit wherever they go – I only wish they did more events so I could go get the cupcakes more often! 

Lil’ Miss Short Cakes

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  1. Very nice! I like that the flavors are incorporated not just in the frosting but also the cupcake itself. Unlike some place.where the base is the same and only the flavor is executedin the frosting. That is so unoriginal and lazy. This company pays attention to detail.

    1. Hi CC – Yes, they really pay a lot of attention to those little details which I believe made the cupcakes just a little bit better. Those little touches just show their care to their final product! I like it when they also incorporate the flavors in more than just the frosting.

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