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A couple of weeks ago I was over in the Serra Mesa area to watch T play in a softball game. Maya and I took a little walk around the field and joined Jake in watching the game and afterwards we went out for a little bite to eat. There’s a little shopping center in the heart of Serra Mesa with a CVS and a few little restaurants. Maggie’s Cafe is one of them.



Maggie’s Cafe has outdoor seating so Maya could join us for dinner. Can you spot her in the photos above? It’s dark, but I’m sure you can still spy her furry little self.


There are a few specials available at Maggie’s Cafe depending on what day you visit. We happened to be there on a Monday so burgers were $2 off. Our friendly waiter told us how the owners make everything from scratch here and that the breakfast is excellent here (perhaps a future visit?). The boys decided to go ahead and try one of those burger specials. 


[bbq burger / $9.95 (normally $11.95 but $2 off on Mondays!)]

The boys picked the BBQ Burger to share between them. The BBQ Burger comes with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings. 


You can get french fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings for an extra .99 cents for your side. The boys got french fries. The burger was nicely done to medium-rare-ish and had a nice flavor. The bacon was nice and crispy. The fries were nicely seasoned as well. Decent enough burger – not mind blowing but definitely a solid burger.


[onion rings / $3.49]

We also got a side order of onion rings to share between us since we lubs the onion rings. There was a nice breading on the onion rings – not too thick or too heavy. The onion rings had a nice crispness that we enjoyed. 


[tropical chicken / $11.50]

I decided to go the healthy route and ordered the Tropical Dinner which was two grilled chicken breasts with pineapple salsa. It came with steamed vegetables and rice pilaf. 


Normally I never order chicken when I’m out at a restaurant – I figure that’s something I can easily make at home – but this grilled chicken was outstanding! It was perfectly grilled with a nice amount of char and was still juicy and moist. The pineapple salsa really sent this dish over the top – it gave the chicken a freshness with its sweet flavor. There were diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and more in that pineapple salsa and it gave a nice sweetness to the tasty chicken breast. I loved it! I ate only half and enjoyed the rest of the tropical chicken for lunch the next day. 

We’ll definitely have to check out Maggie’s Cafe again to try out some of their breakfast items and other dishes. I love that this little restaurant is family run and makes everything in house and from scratch. Excellent service, excellent food, and just a nice spot for a good meal. 

Maggie’s Cafe
3232-D Greyling Dr.
San Diego, CA. 92123
(858) 430-6755
Hours: 9AM-9PM

6 thoughts on “Maggie’s Cafe | Serra Mesa

    1. Oh my goodness, that tropical chicken was SO GOOD. I loved the flavor of that tropical salsa on top and the chicken breast was so juicy, I loved it!

  1. This place has one of the best if not the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. It looks just like the picture. Café my foot, I’ve never eaten a burger plated so nicely and as good in a restaurant. One bite has made me a regular and I’m super picky when it comes to food. Taste good or get out of the kitchen.

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