getting over the flu + shakes from shake smart

I disappeared from the blog last week since I came down with something. Namely, the evil flu. I was surprised that I even got the flu since I got my yearly flu shot, but apparently my body just couldn’t fight off that nasty virus even with some “protection” in my back pocket. 


I had a cute little puppy nurse to help lift my spirits during my boring week of illness. 


Fun fact: if you go to the doctor’s office wearing a face mask, everyone feels sorry for you and tells you that they hope you get better soon. 

I’m not 100% even now and I’m finding it hard to get back into my walking routine. That happens when you have a respiratory illness, though. Coughing and shortness of breath will totally happen. 

Shake Smart | Oceanside, CA

Over the weekend Jake came up to see me and we headed up to the North Land for one of his chiropractor appointments. After his visit to the office, we needed a little snack. I wasn’t quite in the mood for a full meal and decided to swing by and get a shake from Shake Smart. 

Shake Smart is located inside the LA Fitness Center in Oceanside. There are multiple locations in town as well, such as on campus as SDSU and UTC Mall. 

Shake Smart at LA Fitness in Oceanside, CA

Hello fitness center with your crazy rows of bikes. 

Shake Smart Menu

Here’s the menu at Shake Smart. They don’t use yogurt or ice creams for their shakes which I think is a good touch. I didn’t realize it until later, but you can control the amount of sugar that’s added. They use agave to sweeten up the protein filled shakes.

Shakes at Shake Smart

Jake and I each got a regular sized shake for $6 each. The pink shake is an Acai Energy shake that Jake choose. It came with acai, banana, vanilla protein, and peanut butter.

The green shake is an Organic Supershake with organic superfood, banana, vanilla protein powder, and peanut butter. Very similar, eh?

Organic Supershake at Shake Smart

Here’s a closeup on the supergreens shake which I got with non-fat milk.  You can also choose lowfat milk, almond milk, or soy milk. There are 35 grams of protein in this sucker.

The shake had a very smooth consistency. Mostly what I tasted was the vanilla protein powder with a hint of peanut butter in the background. It had a pleasant taste and was kind of similar to a milkshake but with a slightly chalky taste in the background. I didn’t quite manage to finish the shake but I noticed that it made me feel full and not hungry after drinking it. 

Acai Energy Shake at Shake Smart

The acai shake had more of a berry-ish flavor to it and the vanilla flavor was not quite as strong as in my shake. The peanut butter could definitely be tasted and I decided I liked my shake slightly more though Jake’s wasn’t a bad choice, either. This shake has 32.5 grams of protein as well and we were both feeling a bit full after our shake snacks. 

I liked how filling these shakes were – they definitely kept me tided over awhile before we had “real lunch” later in the afternoon. It didn’t taste like a bunch of icky greens or anything, but rather like a vanilla peanut-butter-ish shake – yummy and full of proteins!

Shake Smart
Oceanside LA Fitness
2335 Vista Way
Oceanside CA 92054

2 thoughts on “getting over the flu + shakes from shake smart

  1. Oh no I hope you feel better! I always get pressured to get the flu shot but shrug it off so thanks for confirming the shots don’t always work 🙁 I generally avoid people who wear the masks at doctor’s office – but I do wish them well though (from a distance).

    I’ve never heard of shake smart. I usually get the gross wheatgrass or celery water something when I go to those places. I’m glad the shakes made you feel a bit better though!

    1. Yeah my doctor was sad to learn the flu shot didn’t protect me. But my immune system sucks anyway. So yeah.

      Celery water sounds like the worst thing ever. Uggggggh. You keep your celery water wheatgrass to yourself!

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