cheap hot dog dates at costco

Costco. The land of the cheap date.

Assuming your date likes hot dogs. Or pizza. And likes sitting near parking lots.

Actually, these days there are more options than just the normal $1.50 hot dog + drink special. You can step your game up a notch by splurging on a little bit more!


Partial menu.


Pizza. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten Costco pizza at parties.


Maybe your date is hankering for a little cinnamon action. Hook them up with this oversized twisty churro and hope you can get things a little spicy later (hubba, hubba).


Chicken bake. It looks like an oversized hot pocket, but more filling. Maybe your date will get full and not pester you for ice cream.


Hot turkey and provolone sandwiches, for when you’re feeling a little more sophisticated. 


Here’s my date. He just likes hot dogs. 


And also for some strange ass reason, he likes ketchup on his hot dogs. I do not understand this in any way. 

I love him anyway. 


My condiments of choice are fresh raw onions and mustard. I’m sure my breath smells wonderful after eating this. 


Costco’s all beef hot dogs are quite juicy and quite filling – these suckers are 1/4lb of beefy meaty goodness. The buns are steamed, giving you a nice soft cushion for your hot dog. 


Sodas are included for $1.50 making this a cheap lunch date. Just think, with all that money you saved you can get some gas and go drive somewhere else to watch a sunset or something.

Kind of like this one.


6 thoughts on “cheap hot dog dates at costco

    1. Hi CC – I think I totally missed the freezes. They used to have gelato but it looked like it was frozen yogurt now from what I remember. Good tips!

  1. Love so many things there, but I TOTALLY miss their carne asada bake from a few years ago. I refuse to eat that turkey sandwich only because I think of it as the product that replaced the carne asada bake.

  2. Hi Mary! Ah yes, Costco, the almighty church of mass consumerism. I do enjoy their hot dogs, but for a really cheap date, just wander the store, enjoying the free samples and the air conditioning.

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