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Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro is one of the newer restaurants to open up recently in the Miramar area. I love it when new places open up around my office – it gives me new foods to try! Bagatelle Cafe is in the same strip mall as SuperNatural Sandwiches and they serve French-American food for breakfast and lunch. I’ve been a few times and feel I can now properly assess them.

BBQ Steak Sandwich / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

BBQ Steak / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[bbq steak sandwich]

The very first time I went to Bagatelle Cafe, they had only been open for a few weeks. They have since purged this BBQ Steak sandwich from the menu (the menu that’s currently on their website is outdated). I remember thinking it was quite interesting it was served with fries AND a salad – best of both worlds in my book! The bread was a little too thick for my liking but I do remember liking those french fries…

Cheeseburger and Fries / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[angus cheeseburger / $11.95]

On another visit with co-workers, Matty Matt got a cheeseburger. It looked quite lovely. 

Nicoise Salad / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[nicoise salad / $11.95]

Minion got this tuna salad thing. Green beans, potatoes, and olives… in a salad? Odd, but pretty.

Chicken Mushroom Crepes / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

Chicken Mushroom Crepes / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[chicken mushroom crepes – grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, and onions in light white wine sauce with melted swiss cheese / $10.95]

As for myself, I tried the chicken mushroom crepes and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish! The chicken was incredibly tender and the mushroom/white wine sauce tasted delicious inside the thin crepes. The melted swiss cheese gave it a little extra gooey yumminess.

Whatever dressing they were using on that day on the salad was too heavy handed for me – I believe it was a thousand island dressing but on another visit, they used another dressing (balsamic) for the side salads. They’ve never asked what kind of dressing you’d like during my three visits, so I’m guessing they change it up. 

Truffle Parm French Fries / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[truffle parm french fries / $5.50]

I also really wanted French fries that day. Sometimes you just cannot ignore the French fry urge. It pokes at you with a stick and you got to just give in! Even if it doesn’t come with your lunch order. So I got a side order of Truffle Parmesan fries. Adding truffle to the mix makes it too hard to resist.

I loved the herbs that are tossed in with the hot, crispy fries. The truffle flavor wasn’t too strong but you can definitely smell it once it’s placed before you. The Parmesan looked more like bits of garlic, but it is just crumbled up. Quite tasty! Was it worth $5.50 though? Eh, it’s hard to say. Some days it feels like it’s worth it.

Chicken Schnitzel / Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro | San Diego, CA

[chicken schnitzel]

On a third visit with co-workers, I had to really reign myself in to NOT order the crepes again. I noticed they were having a weekly special and I figured I’d try that out for a little variety. The special that day was a chicken schnitzel served with mashed potatoes and a tiny side salad. The side salad was not drenched in heavy sauce this time so it was much more enjoyable to me. The chicken schnitzel was pretty good – the chicken managed to stay mostly moist and the gravy/sauce that was on top was good (I wish there had been more sauce). It was a good dish but it made me miss the crepes I had from my previous visit. I think I see more crepes in my future…

Bagatelle Cafe & Bistro
7094 Miramar Road #122
San Diego, CA, 92121
(858) 577-0081

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6 thoughts on “bagatelle cafe & bistro

  1. Oh this place looks good. I haven’t been to Supernatural yet so I’ll have to visit this mall sometime soon. The hot fries touching the cold salad in the first dish really makes me cringe. That hamburger looks huge but probably because that’s THE BIGGEST top bun I’ve ever seen in a picture.

    I haven’t had good savory crepes in forever so the chicken version here looks delicious. The cheese and white wine sauce sounds intriguing.

    1. I went to Supernatural last week for lunch and man that place is getting crazy busy! It’s good though 🙂 Yeah, I usually get sweet crepes but I really liked these savory ones! Whenever I go again that’s what I’m gonna get!

  2. Why can’t I work up there so I can have some decent lunch time eats too, haha.

    When I go on break (late September), remind me to meet you for lunch up here. Everything you and your coworkers tried looks good (although I would eat my salads plain), especialy the chicken schnitzel, the crepes and the Nicoise salad. I noticed that the boiled eggs were missing, one of the key components of a Nicoise salad. So envious that you have so many great nearby choices!

    1. Hi CC – It’s funny you say that because sometimes I get bored of eating around here – but you’re right. There is a pretty good variety up here! Yes! Come have lunch with me and hopefully I’ll remember to return your Portland stuff (haha). I’ll give you a few choices, too!

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