World’s Ocean Day with Rubio’s + a giveaway

June 8th is World’s Ocean Day, a day to celebrate the ocean and all it gives back to us like marine life, sea creatures, seafood, and beautiful beach sunsets like this one:


It is a day to raise awareness and to educate people on how to keep the ocean sustainable, free of pollution, and to protect the ocean for generations to come. Rubio’s is honoring World’s Ocean Day by giving away this fancy n’ free World’s Ocean Day tote:

Rubio's Free Tote

You can click the photo above to go get a coupon for your very own free tote available today! Though if you’re too lazy to go print out that sucker, hold on and read through the rest of this post. 

The other thing I am specifically celebrating is the fact that shrimp exists so I can eat it on top of things like Rubio’s new Tostadas Frescas.

New Tostada Plate at Rubio's

Rubio’s has three new tostadas (which I keep wanting to spell as “toast-ta-da”, by the way): grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, or a veggie tostada. The tostadas come with handmade guacamole (yum), a blend of spring mix and butter leaf lettuce (mm, crunchy water), a new lemon white sauce (zesty) on top of a crispy tostada shell (crunchy). The tostada combination meal includes your choice of two tostadas (you can get the same or be a rebel like me and mix them up), citrus rice, black beans, and a drink for $8.99.

Yummy Grilled Shrimp Tostada from Rubio's

I gobbled up the shrimp tostada first and I must say I was pleased with how tasty it was. The guacamole was perfectly seasoned and so creamy, the salsa gave it a boost of fresh flavor, the grilled shrimp were sweet and delicious and I loved the crunch of the tostada shell.

The only thing I didn’t like were having these large pieces of lettuce on top. Imagine me, messy eater that I am, going in for a bite. I bite in, but then I get a large piece of lettuce that I can’t bite through and I start pulling off the big piece of lettuce + alllllll of the sauce and tomato bits, which then spills all over my shirt and I’m left wondering how I’m ever able to get food into my mouth. Not to mention the whole thing just starts to fall apart as you eat it. I should have broken it into pieces and eaten it but that would just make way too much sense. Come on now. 

Grilled Chicken Tostada from Rubio's

The grilled chicken tostada was decent but I preferred the shrimp. The chicken tasted fine but it’s white meat chicken which already gets points taken off in my book (I know, it’s healthier, but geez it can start to get dry). It’s not bad but not as good as the shrimp. I didn’t try the veggie tostada either, but I’m sure it’s wonderful with roasted veggies. 

Here’s the fun part of the post (if you didn’t enjoy my description of me spilling food all over myself): I have a giveaway for you! 


One lucky reader will receive a free tote bag plus two meal vouchers so you can try these delicious new tostadas for yourself (or just get that thing that you always like to get at Rubio’s). To enter, just comment on this post and tell me what’s your favorite item from Rubio’s

You can get additional entries by sharing and liking this post on Facebook (one for liking, one for sharing). Please leave a separate comment for each entry! 

This contest is open to all US residents. Winner will have 48 hours to reply otherwise another winner will be choosen. This giveaway and post was sponsored by Rubio’s and my meal was complimentary though all opinions and statements listed here are my own. You have until June 15th at 8PM PST to enter. Good luck! 

UPDATE: This giveaway has now CLOSED. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to entry #8 – Erin! 

29 thoughts on “World’s Ocean Day with Rubio’s + a giveaway

  1. I have been getting their Taco Tuesday Tacos for years, first just as an inexpensive meal when my kids were little to bring home so I wouldn’t have to cook. Then one day hunger took the best of me and I ate one on the hood of my car. The realization that they are 1000% better fresh out of the fryer hit me like a thunderbolt. Now I stop by Tuesdays as a ritual after school with my kids. We either eat in or tailgate it so we can get that fresh crunchy crunch on the fish, warm soft tortilla, still crispy cabbage and creamy white sauce before it soaks into the breading and tortilla. It’s become one of their favorite things to eat and do and now as High Schoolers they can really put them away.

  2. Their Fish Tacos are the best! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  3. i went to rubios on thursday last week and the shrimp on their coastal trio was so delicious! (that was my instagram pic). i also like grabbing fish tacos because they’re simple yet tasty for the price. by the way, the shirt spilling thing reminded me of that bib… do you still use that? =P

  4. My favorite is the the fish taco especial combo, which I order by the old name (Pesky’s combo).

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