gino’s pizzeria featuring the philadelphia sandwich co.

Gino’s Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co. (isn’t that a mouthful) is a new spot to the Miramar area, behind the Denny’s on Miramar Road. They put together Gino’s Pizza and added the Philadelphia Sandwich Co. into the shop. The Philadelphia Sandwich Co. used to be located off Convoy Street near the Original Pancake House. Gino’s took over a place called Dino’s that served pizza and Italian sandwiches. I visited Dino’s a few times and always thought the place needed a little help with the renovations inside (and maybe add a little more flavor to their food). Dino’s closed for a few months and became Gino’s which amused me (because it rhymes). I went in January with a few co-workers to check out the new spot.

I never took photos of the interior, but Dino’s had this crazy large, unnecessary bar that took up half of the space. With the renovations at Gino’s they smartly removed the bar and opened up the seating area so there’s a lot more breathing room. There are a few tables and chairs now with access to the soda machine so you can get your own refills. 

Philly Cheesesteak with Fries at Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co.

[6″ cheesesteak / $6.50 + french fries / $2.95]

On that first visit, pretty much everyone ordered the cheesesteak. The boys all got 10″ cheesesteaks but I stuck with a more reasonable 6″. The cheesesteaks are made with amoroso rolls (the traditional bread used in Philadelphia) and you get your choice of cheese; White American, Yellow American, Provolone, Swiss or Cheez Wiz. I always get White American because I like the rich flavor of it. I used to get Provolone but found it wasn’t as rich in flavor for my tastes. The White American has a bit of that sharp flavor that I like.

Cheesesteak | Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co.

What I don’t like though is when the cheese all gets clumped on one side making one intensely cheesy side while the other side is lacking cheese love. A little cheese balance, please! I’m not sure how you can look at this and figure it’s good to go – that right side isn’t even melted all of the way… details, please. Details!

Despite the cheese fiasco, I still thought it was a pretty decent cheesesteak. The meat was seasoned nicely and had a good flavor. The roll was warm and the all together it tasted pretty good. It’s not my favorite Philly cheesesteak in the world, but for a place that’s near my office for my lunch break, it was well received. All co-worker boys present seemed to enjoy it very much. Boy approved.

Cheesesteak Closeup | Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co.

I once visited the Philadelphia Sandwich Co. a long time ago before their move and left with a poor impression of the place. I must say it’s improved quite a bit but there are still little details and things they could do to make it better. 

Fries are served separately but Matt found a coupon on their website which will yield you either fries or a drink

Pizza Slices | Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co.

[buffalo chicken and pepperoni, pesto and ricotta / $6 for 2 slices + drink]

I went back on another visit by myself to try out the pizza. They have a case that’s full of various pizzas and I choose the buffalo chicken and that other one on the right. I was up on my tippy toes to see the slices on the top shelf, looking for something with ricotta on it. What I couldn’t see was that the darn thing was covered in pepperoni, one of my least favorite pizza toppings (how un-American of me). I was unhappy about that but managed to take off all of the pepperoni and had to daub it a few times to remove all that extra grease. Ugh.

Once Operation Pepperoni Removal was completed I enjoyed that more than the buffalo chicken. The buffalo chicken wasn’t bad or anything, it was just not my favorite. The slices have a decent crust though I think they could have stayed in the oven a few minutes longer to heat all the way through.

I’d come back to Gino’s for another lunch break cheesesteak. The other exciting thing is that they carry Tastykakes if you need a little lunch time dessert!

Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co. - Menu Side 1

Gino's Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co. - Menu Side 2

Gino’s Pizzeria Featuring The Philadelphia Sandwich Co.
6904 Miramar Rd #207
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 693-0047

Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 11am – 6pm
Sun: Closed

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6 thoughts on “gino’s pizzeria featuring the philadelphia sandwich co.

  1. Heheh, Operation Pepperoni Removal. What’s up with their lopsided cheese placement. It should be even all around!

    I didn’t even know that the Philadelphia Sandwich Place on Convoy was gone.

    1. Hi CC – Seriously, right? Don’t put all the cheese in one spot! It’s not like I can move the cheese over later. I had seen the signs for Gino’s for awhile before I went in and then when I looked it up I saw it was in partnership with the cheesesteak place.

  2. I always kicked myself for not trying this place when they were in Convoy. I read about the owner and the relocation in UT San Diego some time ago so I’m glad they’re still in business. I’ll have to visit them in Miramar now. We were experimenting with making Philly cheesesteak quesadillas and have come to conclusion that I personally like provolone with mine which is so odd. I tried all the other cheeses you mentioned but for some reason the provolone was the best for me (perhaps b/c it’s more mild and has more gooey-string meltiness to it?).

    1. Hi Faye – The provolone is a lot milder, almost like a mild mozzarella. It used to be my go to choice until I decided I wanted a richer flavor! Just no Whiz, man. Ugh. The one time I had a “real” cheese steak while in Philly, my friends got me one with Whiz. Oh well haha.

    1. Yeah, if you shared you could get both! Little bit of cheesesteak…. slice of pizza…. you’re all set! Great, now I want something cheesy for lunch 😀

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