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I’m a regular supporter or various things on Kickstarter and I get their emails talking about what projects the staff had backed recently or popular projects. I spied a little Kickstarter link to something called Green Pea Cookie and was instantly curious. Cookies… made with green peas? Say whaaaaat? I’m not even a fan of regular peas by their lonesome self, but I do love me some pea soup so I figured it’d be worth it to back the project and try them out. I always like trying new things!

To my delight, they recently had a call for bloggers and writers to receive samples of the Green Pea Cookie in exchange for a post and I happily signed up. This was my chance to try them first and see if I really liked them!

Green Pea Cookie Bag

I received a well packaged box containing a bag of the little green cookies. I’m sure they’re still working on their packaging since this has no other information on it other than the Green Pea Cookie label. You can see through the window in the bag which I thought was a nice touch.

Green Pea Cookie

I had no idea what to expect when I took a bite of the little green cookie. It felt firm and solid. The little cookie did not crumble or break apart while holding it.

Green Pea Cookie

You can easily sink your teeth into these little green cookie treats though! The texture of the cookie is like a pecan sandie – it easily crumbles and has a “sand” like texture. It becomes soft as you bite through the cookie and the cookie crumbles and disintegrates easily in your mouth. You get a slight crunch from biting in and then it’s soft. There are some larger chunks of roasted peas  so you get varying textures as you chew through the cookie.

Green Pea Cookie

The cookies are a little sweet and then a saltiness kicks in that enhances the overall flavor of the cookie. It’s a simple sweet and salty kick that I ended up really, really enjoying. It doesn’t taste like a bowl of mushy peas (which I will admit I was partially afraid of) but instead there’s almost a nutty flavor going on. I suspect this is from the fact that they use roasted peas. Roasting any kind of veggie gives it a completely different and distinct flavor and the roasted peas here really make the little green pea cookies shine.

The cookies are also vegan and contain no preservatives. They make the cookies with roasted green peas, unbleached white flour (or brown rice flour for a gluten free version), powered sugar, salt and sunflower oil. That’s it!

The green pea cookie is originally a treat from Singapore.  In addition to the “plain” flavor, they also have a chocolate dipped green pea cookie available for their early Kickstarter backers. I myself have signed up for another bag of the original green pea cookies plus the chocolate dipped variety! I’m trying to slowly savor the rest of the cookies I have since I probably won’t get my new bags until April, but I already can’t wait!

If you’re interested in the green pea cookie, check out their story on the Green Pea Cookie website and back their Kickstarter here!

Disclaimer: I received one complimentary bag of Green Pea Cookies for review. All opinions stated here are my own and I was not further compensated for this review.

8 thoughts on “[product review] green pea cookie

    1. Hi J.S. – That is an excellent, excellent point. I think I thought they’d be weirder since I don’t like peas – but mostly because I hate the texture of peas (mushy, gross). In cookie form though, they are excellent! Makes me wonder if you can roast another vegetables in it’s place for the cookie.

    1. Hi CC – It tasted more nutty – kind of like a roasted nut flavor! If you really think hard you can taste the peas, but it’s more like “eau de pea” or something, haha. I liked the texture a lot!

  1. I was sent a cute little bag of these cookies . They are so cute and the taste is fabulous! Just a few are very satisfying. I look forward to my kickstarter cookies! Seems like a great new company and the Tshirts are adorable! Super photos here too!

    1. Hi Janet – I also love that the cookies are adorable! I like that they’re bite sized so you can have a few and feel like you’re having a lot (but not really).

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