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Pinkberry is really more of a big deal to our northern neighbors but we’ve managed to hang onto two locations down here in San Diego. Pinkberry is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary this year with a fancy, new, cheap special that I’m sure will get you in a tizzy. That is, if you love tasty frozen treats, which you should.

Pinkberry's 10 Year Anniversary Special

On Friday, January 30th (aka TOMORROW) you’ll be able to score $.10 cent Pinkberry! You’ll get a small cup with your choice of flavor + toppings, which is normally $4.95 (at least, that’s the case in Fashion Valley). The only little catch is that you MUST “Like” the local Pinkberry’s Facebook page before you can get the 10 cent deal (and you have to show it to them), but the savings you get in return is pretty awesome for such a simple gesture.

Pinkberry - Fashion Valley - San Diego, CA

While you’re scoring your cheap 10 cent deal, Pinkberry has three new flavors available to try and I was recently invited to check them out. I went to the Fashion Valley location. I only tried two of the three though. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Sea Salt Chocolate with Toppings at Pinkberry | San Diego, CA

[sea salt chocolate]

The first flavor I tried was the Sea Salt Chocolate. The thing I like about Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt’s is that none of them are overly sweet, as was the case with the sea salt chocolate. It had a nice chocolate flavor though I couldn’t really detect the sea salt at all. It just tasted like chocolate to me, not that I was complaining!

For my topping, I got that awesome crunchy chocolate stuff (they actually called it “milk chocolate crunch” but I prefer “crunchy chocolate stuff”) and almonds. The lady serving me kind of look at me like, “Uh, that’s all you want?” and then promptly gave me more almonds. I like to keep it simple. Do people usually get 5 toppings or something?

In any case, I thought the crunchy stuff was the perfect compliment to the chocolate – it boosted the chocolate flavor just up a touch and gave it some nice, crunchy texture. The almonds did the same thing for me and I thought it was a great combination. I don’t usually like chocolate in frozen form but this I really liked – I’d get it again.

Raspberry White Chocolate Frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry | San Diego, CA

[raspberry white chocolate]

The other new flavor I tried was the Raspberry White Chocolate, which I had topped with coconut flakes and extra raspberries. This flavor was a little tarter than the chocolate yogurt and it tasted more like yogurt that you get at the store, if that makes any sense. The raspberries give it a tarter flavor while the white chocolate helps to chill it out and round out the flavor for a touch of sweetness. It was good but I really preferred the sea salt chocolate out of the two.

Frozen Yogurt treats at Pinkberry in San Diego, CA

Can I tell you a little bit about my trip to obtain Pinkberry? I went by myself so I probably looked like a weird-o carrying around two things of Pinkberry by myself. I had to ask the nice Pinkberry lady to not put lids on. After my meager amount of toppings and funny request, I’m sure she thought I was gonna go somewhere and hoard all of this frozen yogurt for myself. Hah! I ended up driving home right after and then stuck these in the freezer for later.

Sea Salt Chocolate Frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry | San Diego, CA

I think my truly favorite thing at Pinkberry is that insanely good crunchy chocolate stuff. I kind of see Pinkberry’s yogurt as a vessel to just get that crunchy stuff into my mouth. Yummmm!

If you’re planning on getting that awesome $.10 cent special, you can find a list of participating Pinkberry location’s here.

Multiple Locations
Fashion Valley Mall
7007 Friars Road Space #915
San Diego CA 92108

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary gift card to Pinkberry to try out the new flavors. I was not further paid nor compensated for this post. All opinions stated here are my own.

8 thoughts on “pinkberry / new flavors + 10 cent frozen yogurt

  1. In college I used to go crazy on pinkberry whenever I visited my friends in LA. Sadly by the time it came to SD I was not as into it. But the sea salt chocolate sounds really good, I used to just get the plain one with raspberries and coconut…must look into this ‘chocolate crunchies’ thing.

    1. Chocolate crunchies! I wasn’t really into Pinkberry until I discovered the magic chocolate crunchies 🙂 They cost “extra” than regular toppings but whatever. Give me the crunchies!

  2. The chocolate sphere crunchy things are my fave too. Sis LOVES Pinkberry and would always tell me that it’s unlimited toppings for their yogurt. I’ve asked for double chocolate crunchy things before and they’ve never said no 🙂

    So glad I saw this post as I’ll pass on this 1/30 Fri special to my family! I don’t think a majority of us have Facebook though 🙁

    1. Dude. Double crunchies. Totally getting that next time! Unlimited toppings, I bet that’s why the lady looked at me weird but honestly I don’t like too much stuff on my yogurt! I’m sure you can get Facebook for one day to score a 10 cent deal, right?!

    1. Hi Lauren –
      Crunchiebobs!! I like that name for them, too, haha! I like Pinkberry since it tends to not be overly sweet. But you know. Crunchiebobs 🙂

  3. ooh, crunchies!!!! whenever i get yogurt, I always get choppped almonds and mini chocolate chips i’m not into those cereal or fruit toppings or candy. just those two toppings, haha. the last time i had pinkberry, they only had like two flavors and neither was one that i liked. both were tart too.

    1. Hi CC – I mostly stick to nuts, too! Well, sometimes I get mochi but I didn’t remember it this time around. I don’t like the cereal toppings, either! If I’m feeling like I need to “healthier” (eating frozen yogurt after all) then I’ll get fruit, but that’s pretty rare. The chocolate crunchy stuff is the BEST.

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