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On the way back home from Jake’s sister’s house in Temecula one recent weekend, we stopped for a little grub in Fallbrook. I had heard about Nessy Burgers awhile ago but they seemed to close early and Jake and I hadn’t managed to visit. Jake’s sister recommended the spot and we decided it was time to check out Nessy Burgers.


Nessy Burgers used to be in a little shack right next to the gas station off the I-15 and SR-76. They were ordered to move out of the spot so a new highway interchange could be built where they once were. Nessy Burgers ended up moving just up the road and into the parking lot of the Pala Mesa Market. 

Nessy Burgers / Fallbrook, CA

It’s a little shack taking up one side of the parking lot with about 8 outdoor tables available for seating. It was a pretty warm day when we went and I managed to secure us one unshaded table for lunch. The only odd thing I noticed is that over by the trash cans in front of the shack there was an absurd amount of bees buzzing around. Was there a secret beehive that I couldn’t see lurking behind the trash cans? I sure wasn’t going to investigate that matter and I made sure Jake didn’t go near that trash can since he’s allergic to bees. Beware of the buzzy bees! 


Nessy Burgers menu

They’ve got a simple menu. Nothing fancy here.


[nessy burger – $6.95]

Jake ordered two Nessy Burgers – one for Jake and I to share and one for the kids to share. I remember he specifically asked for the cheese to be melted all the way. The girl at the counter didn’t actually write anything down when he said that, she just kind of brushed it off… and so, we have partially melted cheese here. Ho hum. 

Upside Down Nessy Burger

Lucky for them the burger meat still tasted pretty good, but I’d just get it without the cheese next time since they can’t be trusted to melt it all the way, even if you politely ask them to. He also asked for the burgers to be medium rare, though she didn’t write that down either. 

They serve the burger “upside down” with the burger meat nestled again the top bun. I suppose it doesn’t matter which way you serve it, the food still goes into your mouth. I actually ate it the other way because I like the meaty parts on the bottom, hitting my tongue first. 

The burger (which is a mixture of sirloin and chuck) was flavored nicely – Jake commented that it had similar seasoning to meatloaf and I agreed with him. The meat was incredibly juicy and the patty was full of great spices and flavor. It looked to be cooked about medium rather than medium rare, but at least it wasn’t well done. I liked the kind of “rustic” (aka uneven) form of the patty. Definitely not put together by a machine! 

Crinkle Cut Fries / Nessy Burgers - Fallbrook

[crinkle cut fries / $3.60]

We also got two orders to fries to share which were crinkle cut, my favorite! I don’t know what it is about those little ridges on the fries but they make the fries taste better to me. It’s like having a ton of crispy edges all over the fries. Maybe that’s why I like it. These were unseasoned so we had to add our own salt. 

Loch Ness Nessy

I will admit, I’ve been wanting to visit this spot just because I love the name. I sort of imagine the Loch Ness monster cooking up simple burgers and keeping it on the down low. I imagine weird things, okay?

We really liked this burger (minus the cheese fiasco) and would stop by again if we were in the area. I don’t think it’s something to make a special trip for, but something to try if you’re passing through Fallbrook. It’s right off the freeway so it won’t deter your travels too much, but it’s a fun little stop. Just be careful of those bees… 

Who else has visited Nessy Burgers?

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Nessy Burgers
3225 Old Hwy 395
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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8 thoughts on “nessy burgers / fallbrook

  1. I like Nessy Burgers! I don’t think they’re the best ever, but if I know we’re making a trip up the 15 and it’ll be near lunch time, I do request a stop for a burger. It’s tasty and not expensive (except for the can sodas) and I like supporting a mythical Scottish lake creature! I always douse my burger and fries with their bottled sauce – like In n Out dressing, but thicker.

    1. Hi Leanne – Yeah, I don’t think it’s the best burger ever, but I did enjoy it and like the flavor of the burger. I like supporting mythical Scottish lake creatures, too! They need extra love. I didn’t see any of their sauce, must have missed it. Will have to look for it next time we’re there.

  2. Oh gosh I hate it when the cheese isn’t melted all the way. I also need the buns to be toasted, and yes medium rare too. Pickles (I can see you cringe) is one of the things I need in or with a burger lol. That is interesting how they put it upside down lol. wonder why.

    1. Buns toasted, yes. You can have all the pickles, ugh! 🙂 I’m not sure why they do it upside-down, but from other photos I’ve seem it’s consistent. I’m sure they have some reason for it.

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