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Over Labor Day weekend this year, Jake, T, and I made our way back up to Orange County to check out the Civil War Reenactment once again. But first… we had to stop for breakfast. Breakfast is very important after a long drive and a little Yelp research led me to a little place in Westminster called Ham n Scram.

Outside / Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

It’s not a big spot. There’s about four tables inside and the place was full that morning. We were worried we’d have to take the food to go since there were no open seats, but the very nice woman taking our order assured us that a seat would very likely open up by the time our food was ready. We put our faith in her and decided to order in.


There menus are on cute pig chalkboards! I can’t tell you how much I adore that. (Answer: a lot)

Menu / Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

Read the full Ham n Scram take out menu by clicking here.

Breakfast and lunch are both covered here at the Ham n Scram. Jake, who is secretly my own investigative reporter, talked a bit to the owner while we waited for our food. He was from Detroit and grew up eating delicious, fine crafted ham (my words, not his) and when he came out to Southern California he discovered that well… there were no places really doing ham. He said Honeybaked Ham was maybe the closest to the “real thing” and he decided to open up his own place to make smoked ham. They make all the ham there at the shop.

Wall at Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

[one of the photo covered walls at Ham n Scram]


They’re really proud of their product and their food – you can tell just by talking to any one behind the counter. They have this little sign that says “We’re better than the other place!” Jake asked if they meant another specific place but the owner said, “No, any other place… we’re better than them.” Now that is CONFIDENCE, my friends.

Hammy Soup Samples at Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

We asked about the soups and were given samples of the Split Pea Soup (left) and the Three Bean Soup (right).

The Split Pea Soup… is quite frankly… delicious. You can’t see it since the pieces settled, but there was some kind big chunks of ham cooked in to the pea soup. It had a lovely consistency and a nice flavor. I dislike peas but I love pea soup… the texture is so much better!

Jake enjoyed the Three Bean soup more than I did (lover of beans, he is) but it was a good, rich flavor from the broth and also plenty of ham in it.

Ham and Egg Breakfast Burrito / Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

[ham and egg burrito / $6.95]

We ordered two of the Original Ham and Egg Burritos (their best seller which account for 9 out of 10 orders). The burritos come with a mixture of their smoked ham, bacon, hash browns, onions, bell pepper and cheese. We don’t like bell peppers so we opted out of that.

The burritos come already cut in half for you and all of the insides are tuckered into a good sized flour tortilla. The outside of the tortilla is placed on a flat top and then grilled on the outside creating this lovely outer crust on the tortilla. This ensures that the burrito and the tortilla are all warmed up and that extra step of grilling the outside just creates more texture that I loved.

The inside of the burritos is this wonderful, well mixed mess of breakfast food. There’s not too much of any one thing – but rather, a harmonious melody of all of the ingredients. Nothing overpowers and it creates a tasty bite of food. The hash browns are crisp, the eggs nice and fluffy, the cheese is all melted and the ham and bacon are the real shining stars with their smoky flavor. The ham is outstanding – truly some of the best ham I’ve ever had, and I thought I didn’t even really like ham until I tried this stuff!

Ham Cakes / Ham n Scram - Westminster / Orange County

[ham cakes with egg / $6.25]

I asked exactly what a “ham cake” was and it was explained to be “sort of like a crab cake, but with ham”. Considering I love me some crab cake and I had never seen nor heard of a “ham cake” before, obviously I had to order it.

I would say these are more like cornbread or corn cakes rather than crab cakes. Crab cakes are typically mostly crab with a little binder/filler. These have a corn cake like base with large chunks of ham and other spices mixed in. I wasn’t disappointed at all since adored the corn cake like base. They were nice and savory and well seasoned and the chunks of ham were really tasty in the ham cake. I could do without the extra egg, but I could see how that would make it more breakfast-y.


I spied these jars of cookies when we were getting ready to go. Their menu says they have DELICIOUS cookies so I couldn’t pass those up. These are not made at the shop (I forgot where they’re made) but we tried one of each anyway.

On the left is a Chocolate Chip Bacon cookie that had a good amount of salty bacon it in. Next to that is the Snickernoodle, then the regular Chocolate Chip and finally a Blueberry Oatmeal cookies. The blueberry Oatmeal was my favorite of the bunch – it tasted like a cross between a blueberry muffin and an oatmeal cookie. The cookies were all on the softer side – almost a little too soft – but they all had a decent flavor.

Breakfast at Ham n Scram / Orange County

Jake and T pretty much raved about this place for awhile. It was truly one of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had and this was merely the start to a full fledged delicious day of eating!

Ham n Scram
5871-A Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 899-9100

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14 thoughts on “ham n scram / westminster, ca

    1. I haven’t loved many breakfast burritos in my life since they usually have a bunch of filler (re: too much egg, too much potatoes, etc) but these burritos had a really nice, harmonious mix! Do not be afraid of the ham cakes! The ham cakes looooove you. 😀

  1. I’m liking the menu boards more than anything else. The squatting posture might make for good conversation, depending on who you’re with. This place is a must try on my list. As usual, you’re the queen of detailed photography.

    1. Hahah… I did not think about the squatting posture but you are correct! That makes the boards even more awesome in my opinion! I try to show/capture the details! 😀

    1. Yeah… I think… maybe it needs to be called ham corn cake or something. Or have more of a description! When I told my dad about it, he thought it would be made mostly of ham (the same way crab cakes are) haha

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