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One evening after one of Jake’s softball games, we needed foooooods.


Jake plays in Pacific Beach now and we had planned on going to Mr. Frostie, but it had closed already. We ended up going over to Linda Vista and trying out another one of the “Top California burritos in San Diego” (according to Thrillist) at JV’S Mexican Food.

It was after 9PM and the tiny parking lot was full. What. We ended up having to park on the street.

I didn’t take a photo of the menu because it was overwhelming… there were little hand made signs all over the place and multiple menu boards. There was so much to process and it was kind of a big, unorganized menu mess. It was hard to know where to look first!

burritos - jv's mexican food - san diego, ca

We ended up getting two burritos to share between myself, Jake and T. On the left, we have the California burrito and on the right, the Nacho burrito.

chips-n-burritos - jv's mexican food - san diego, ca

I also got a side of chips because I really like dipping my chips into my burrito. I kind of think of my burrito as a handheld seven layer dip that I can also choose to eat directly from if I so desire. I will often times order plain chips + a taco and dip all of my chips in the taco and leave behind the corn tortillas. This was my chips don’t get soggy. I suppose I could ask for everything on the side but I’ve found that some places give you plenty of extra while other places totally rip you off with a tiny little cup of guacamole. Geez.

nacho burrito - jv's mexican food - san diego, ca

The nacho burrito ($6.25) is like a chimichanga covered in nacho cheese sauce and jalapenos.


Inside it has ground beef that has taco seasoning on it, plus a mixture of lettuce, salsa, tortilla chips and more cheese. It’s kind of like a taco salad inside of a fried burrito, then smothered in cheese. I took a little bite and found that I didn’t really care for it – I just can’t get into ground beef with taco seasoning. Jake said the inside tasted almost exactly like a Taco Bell taco and further confirmed my dislike of all things Taco Bell. T loved this burrito though and Jake also seemed to like it but it was definitely not my cup of tea. Nacho cheese sauce and weird-o taco seasoning meat? Passssssss.

california burrito - jv's mexican food - san diego, ca

The California burrito (in the $6 range) was pretty darn hefty. Doesn’t it look like a 7 layer dip?! They use French fries for the potatoes here but the potatoes are cooked well and stand up to the rest of the stuff inside. Jake was sad that I forgot to ask for it sans salsa (he doesn’t dig tomatoes) but he ate it anyway. I liked the carne asada here – it had a nice flavor and a bit of char and as I ate it, the ingredients all mixed together. I still liked the one at Sarita’s better but this was a good runner-up choice.

JV’s Mexican Food
1112 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110

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  1. I miss about living in the USA, is the food. Thankfully I can enjoy it to a lesser degree in every blog post you write. Your blog is much appreciated! Thanks!

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