triple lobsters at fishtales in hatfield, ma

I only have a couple of Massachusetts posts left! This is one of them. For our last proper dinner in Massachusetts, on Father’s Day, my Uncle Bob wanted to take us to this place for triple lobsters. Triple lobsters for $19.99. YES. You read that correctly. Look, I have proof!


See, I wouldn’t lie to you.


Also we were in Hatfield! No, it’s no reference to the famous Hatfields and McCoy’s though honestly I thought there might be some connection until I looked up that their famous family feud took place in Virginia. Hatfield is a tiny little town and when we drove down one street my uncle told us, “that was pretty much main street” and I just remember like 2 or 3 business buildings. Small town life, man.  


We had a reservation for 6PM for our large party of 8 people. There was only one table large enough for our party and there was already another party seated… so we ended up waiting for another hour until we were able to sit down for our meal. There was a little crankiness going on by then. 

All eight of us ordered the triple lobster special and due to the wait, the manager threw in a few free appetizers for us.


I’ll call this, “Bread I Will Eat Because I Am Hungry And That Is All” bread. 


Dad and I picked the appetizers and we got an order of chicken wings. 

I mean, these are chicken wings in the strictest sense. I would maybe call these “little buckets of grease” because oh my goodness were these greasy. So, so greasy. If you look closely, on the middle right side you can already see the yellow grease that was pooling up at the bottom of the basket…

These were cooked at the wrong temperature or something because these were the greasiest wings I’ve ever had in my life. Greasy mouth feel is not something I ever want to experience again.


We should have listened to my aunt who said the calamari wasn’t that good since one bite of this calamari proved it. These were very light in color and were under cooked. The batter still had a floury taste to them. Almost reminded me of the rubbery calamari they used to serve at the dining hall back in college. Neither version was worth eating.


To go along with our lobsters, we also ordered a basket of french fries. I don’t have any particular memories of these so I guess they were not atrocious. Good job, french fries. I applaud you for not being awful. 



The time for lobsters was COMING. We prepared for their imminent arrival by donning plastic bibs featuring graphics of the food we were about to consume. They should practice this for other foods, too. Like a cheesecake bib. Or a pig bib. Or a burrito bib. Or maybe I’m the only one who is so messy that they carry a bib in their purse. Hmm!

When I was a teenager, my favorite t-shirt (which was from Massachusetts) had a graphic on it of a bunch of lobsters having a cook out wearing plastic bibs with people on them. I suppose this could be seen as morbid, but I just thought it was a hilarious. I’m sure somehow this says something about me.


LOBSTER TIME! Lobsters + butter = oh yes, please come get in my belly!

I had difficulty eating my first lobster but the second one went a lot easier. I didn’t even attempt to eat the third lobster (which, I swear is there on the left, he’s holding up the top guy) since I was so full after getting through two! It’s also so much work to get all of that precious lobster meat out.


My aunt and uncle are making their lobsters dance over there.


Another shot of my delicious lobsters. 


My aunt wanted the lobster heads and other parts to make stock and soup. These are some of the leftover guts and shells. They divided up the leftovers between my two aunts and there must have been at least eight take out boxes full of shells and leftover lobster! 

The lobster turned out to be quite delicious so it was worth it in the end… but you might want to skip those appetizers if you’re ever swinging by. I wish we could have taken some of that lobster home! 


5 School St.
Hatfield, MA 01038
(413) 349-9804

11 thoughts on “triple lobsters at fishtales in hatfield, ma

  1. $20 for 3 lobsters! Crazy! Also, I love the description of your lobster shirt with people bibs! Haha! I guess that says something about me, too πŸ˜›

    1. Hi Jinxi – It is super crazy! Those East Coasters don’t know how food they have it seafood-wise. I’m glad someone else finds the description of that shirt amusing! I wish I had a photo of it to share.

  2. East Coast folks are so lucky to have lobster in abundance and at low prices too!

    The appetizers looked pretty bad – especially the greasy wings! Ugh!

    As for the shirt you described – that’s hilarious! I would totally wear it, haha!

    1. Hi CC – They are really lucky! The appetizers were so so bad, haha. At least the lobster was really good. Yay, I kind of wish I still had that shirt, just for novelty purposes. πŸ™‚

  3. Everything looks so meh except for the lobsters! That is such weirdly pale calamari. The man should have compensated you guys by not letting you have any appetizer. That would have been a worthwhile tip.

    P.S. I can’t believe you didn’t even eat your third lobster. Give it to meeeeee.

    P. P. S. That shirt is clever I like it a lot. Haha.

  4. I don’t know why I always get so embarrassed wearing a bib at restaurants. It makes me feel like a weird fat baby or something.

    The calamari looks awful and ridiculously greasy. Your description of β€œBread I Will Eat Because I Am Hungry And That Is All” bread was SPOT ON. How many free bad breads have we all eaten b/c we were just sooo hungry.

    I didn’t want to read this post because I knew 1) I’d be jealous of you and 2) I’d be jonesing for some lobster that I can’t afford to buy πŸ™‚

    What a steal of a deal though. I really wish they offered that here in SD. I guess Valley View is looking pretty darn good right about now though.

    1. Hi Faye – I think wearing a bib makes you feel like you’re drawing attention to yourself. I sometimes feel like everyone is staring at me even when I wear my nice one that I have in my purse. But really, no one cares what you’re doing! You just feel like everyone is noticing for some reason.

      Yeah the bread wasn’t spectacular but I needed to EAT something already after that long ass wait! Sometimes H Mart has the lobsters on sale for a crazy cheap price. My dad has gotten cheap lobsters from there lots of times but I have no idea what the reason is for the cheapy lobsters. Otherwise… totally, Valley View buffet, yo. Lots of lobsters! I still haven’t been! It’s on my to do list.

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